The Coolest Features On Rivian's Amazon Delivery Van

On the outside, Rivian's eco-conscious Prime delivery van might seem like a typical Amazon transit vehicle you'd see on the road. However, there's a lot more going on with it aside from promoting an environmentally friendly movement. Prior to its conception, Amazon's past delivery fleet mostly consisted of gas-fueled models such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ram ProMaster, and Ford Transit (via MotorBiscuit). While these vehicles were certainly competent enough to get the job done, they don't exactly make things easier for Amazon's Climate Pledge, which aims to accomplish net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

In 2020, Amazon partnered with the electric vehicle start-up Rivian, ordering 100,000 custom delivery vans. By 2021, these all-electric vans were deployed onto the streets of Los Angeles to carry out some preliminary deliveries. Sure, Rivian's Amazon Delivery Van does share some characteristics that are reminiscent of the company's older fleet, particularly its frame and color scheme. But that's pretty much where the similarities end — everything else about the bespoke delivery van it is unlike anything Amazon previously used.

Rivian's Amazon van is cool and hot

For a vehicle whose main function is to deliver packages from point A to point B, Rivian's Prime van packs a lot of luxurious amenities. Because Rivian conceptualized it in collaboration with Amazon's own delivery drivers, the final product is designed to make the job of transporting packages a lot easier and convenient. One of the more futuristic features reportedly considered for Rivian's delivery van included a drone system that deployed packages from its roof (via MotorTrend). While that isn't a part of the Rivian Prime's current fleet just yet, it does come with seats equipped with climate-control functionality as a standard, including heated arm rests and steering wheel.

Its windshield is also embedded with grid-like wires capable of defrosting it in snowy conditions. On the inside, however, the electric delivery van boasts a modern design comprised of multiple digital touch displays, which serve as its gauge cluster and infotainment system. These panels not only show what's behind the vehicle, but also its sides, making it easier for drivers to maneuver in tight situations. What makes the van even cooler is that its interior comes with an integrated Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, shown in Amazon's YouTube showcase turning off the interior lights when told to do so. This makes a lot of sense considering Amazon embeds Alexa in a lot of its products. Why not its own delivery vans as well, right?

Amazon's electric vans protect and serve

The all-electric Amazon delivery vans were made not just with the environment in mind but also for the safety of the driver and surrounding pedestrians. For starters, they're equipped them various cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors that enable automatic emergency braking and backup assistance, according to Rivian. Its brake lights are "oversized" to give better visibility toward pedestrians and other vehicles within its proximity. Based on Amazon's concept design YouTube video, other enlarged features include the Rivian Prime van's massive windshield and side windows which offer maximum visibility, not to mention roof clearance roomy enough for drivers to stand in, useful for quick entry, exit, and backside package handling.

To ensure better protection for both the driver and customer goods, the electric Prime delivery vans utilize steel frames, which are much sturdier than the aluminum body used in Rivian's luxury R1s SUVs, as MotorTrend noted. Its simplistic yet benign aesthetics are no coincidence either, as the design team wanted to make it look "friendly," given that it's meant to have a prominent presence in neighborhoods. Perhaps the coolest part of the electric van lies in how quickly it was realized, as the EV company revealed that it took under a year for it to go from being a concept to a full-blown prototype, according to Rivian. With its reinforced chassis, array of sensors, and comfortable amenities, Rivian's Amazon delivery van is looking like a vehicle designed to offer protection and service with a smile that compliments Amazon's trademark logo.