The Simple Nintendo Switch Screenshot Hack You Probably Forgot About

If you want to share your Nintendo Switch gaming moments, you've probably tried taking a screenshot or two on the device. This is done easily using the dedicated screenshot button while in-game. These images are saved to your Switch's album app where you can view and share them on social media. However, there's another way you can transfer your screenshots to use them as you wish: by sending them directly to your smartphone. 

Nintendo makes this very simple by using QR codes that players can scan to download screenshots directly from the Switch onto a smartphone. This process makes it easier than ever to share your Switch screenshots with your friends or any other social media platform you want. This method also helps if you want to edit your screenshots in some way before you share or post them. To use this feature, all you need is your Switch, smartphone, and an app for scanning QR codes.

How to send Switch screenshots to your smartphone

The Nintendo Switch features a dedicated screenshot button (it's the small square one located left of the display) that captures and saves a screenshot when pressed. As explained on the Nintendo Support website, once you've captured at least one screenshot, you can send it to your smartphone using the following steps: 

  1. On the Switch home screen, select the photo album app in the bottom menu (it's the center icon). 
  2. Scroll through the screenshots and videos, find the screenshot you want to send to your smartphone, and then press the "A" button to select it. 
  3. Select "Sharing and Editing," then "Send to Smartphone."
  4. Choose "Only This One" to send just a single screenshot or "Send a Batch" to select more than one image.
  5. An initial QR code will appear on the screen. Use your smartphone's camera app or QR code reader to scan it. This code will prompt your smartphone to connect to the Switch's own wireless network. 
  6. Once your device has connected to the Switch, scan the next QR code that appears on the console's screen. A link will appear; tap it to open a web page that features your screenshot(s).
  7. Tap and hold a screenshot on this page to download it to your phone. 

Now you'll be able to find your screenshots in the photo gallery on your smartphone. From there, you're free to share them anywhere you wish.