Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 2 May Have Just Made Its First Appearance

It's been just over a year since Xiaomi announced its first foldable smartphone — the Mi Mix Fold. Given the growing interest in foldable smartphones and the success of Samsung's foldable lineup, we should have seen a successor to the Mi Mix Fold by now. However, Xiaomi seems to be taking a cautious approach with its foldable plans and has seemingly delayed the launch of the rumored Mi Mix Fold 2 this year. It would appear that the company is still working on fine-tuning key aspects of this upcoming smartphone before the device is ready for primetime. This is another reason why the Mi Mix Fold 2 has managed to elude smartphone leakers who scourge obscure corners of the internet to look for references to upcoming devices.

However, earlier today, an XDA member came across images of a device that could be the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 2. The images of what is likely to be Xiaomi's next-generation foldable smartphone were hidden deep within the latest Chinese builds of MIUI. Before you get too excited, let us warn you that the images only provide a silhouette of the upcoming device. However, they are detailed enough to make out certain design aspects of the device and tell us how different it would be compared to the first generation Mi Mix Fold.

A different camera design?

Unlike the 2021 Mi Mix Fold which featured a rectangular camera bump, the Mi Mix Fold 2 is likely to get a more traditional, less-dramatic square-shaped bump. The image does not reveal the number of camera lenses housed within this bump, but we expect it to be a triple camera array — just like last year. Also evident from the images is that the new device gets a center-aligned hole punch for the front camera. The 'original' Mi Mix Fold, if you recall, had a right-aligned hole-punch camera on the external display. The images also indicate that the Mi Mix Fold 2 will not integrate a camera on the internal display — a trait it inherits from its predecessor.

Another interesting piece of info emerging from the MIUI code is the likelihood of the Mi Mix Fold 2 using the same external display as the Mi 10. This points towards the possibility of the external display of the Mi Mix Fold 2 being an FHD+ panel that supports a 90Hz image refresh rate with support for HDR 10+ thrown in. The Mi 10's display measured 6.67-inches across and had curved edges. That, however, would not be the case with the Mi Mix Fold 2, and chances are that the external display would be a traditional, flat-style panel.

As for the rest of the specs, we expect the Mi Mix Fold 2 to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip from Qualcomm. There were also rumors about the foldable panel being more crease-resistant this time around.