2023 Jeep Wagoneer L And Grand Wagoneer L Make Big Luxe SUVs Even Bigger

A couple of months after spy shots of the vehicle made their first appearance, Jeep has officially announced its new 2023 Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L SUVs. These supersized models boast longer lengths compared to their standard siblings and likewise mark the arrival of Jeep's Hurricane Twin Turbo 510 offering, among other things. The increased length naturally means these two models boast more legroom for rear passengers and a bit extra cargo space, perhaps making them a more appealing option for large families and anyone who needs to regularly transport a bunch of gear, such as sporting equipment.

Customers can expect an additional 12-inches of overall length when compared to the versions with a standard wheelbase, according to Jeep, which notes the 2023 "L" wheelbase has received a 7-inch expansion. Both 2023 Wagoneer L models can accommodate up to eight passengers, while the behind-third-row cargo space clocks in at 44.2 cubic feet with the Grand Wagoneer L option, which is nearly a 16 cubic foot increase over the standard option. Rounding out the announcement is a new Carbide trim option, as well, for customers who prefer a blacked-out style.

Hurricane Twin Turbo engine cuts emissions

Launching alongside the two extra-large 2023 Wagoneer L models is Jeep's inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter Hurricane Twin Turbo engine line, which is said to increase torque levels while trimming down emissions — at least when compared with competing boosted six-cylinder and naturally-aspirated V8 alternatives. The 2023 Wagoneer L packs the Hurricane Twin Turbo engine topping out at 420 horsepower, while the Grand variant takes that figure up to 510 horsepower. Torque comes in at 468 lb-ft and 500 lb-ft, respectively, while both versions are said to offer efficiency improvements at up to 2 mpg.

Customers who don't want to wait for the 2023 model year now have the opportunity to get the 2022 Grand Wagoneer option with the Hurricane Twin Turbo 510 engine, which is the one that offers 510 horsepower. Other notable features found on the supersized 2023 models include some interior tweaks like a new center rail and load floors, plus there's an air suspension system on the Grand Wagoneer L and a coil spring suspension system on the Wagoneer L, not to mention the three 4x4 system options.

As for the tech, customers can expect a full-color HUD on both 2023 Wagoneer L models with four preset layouts, plus the Wagoneer L's standard digital cluster measures in at 10.25-inches and the Grand Wagoneer L's cluster at 12.3-inches. The Grand model is distinct in offering drivers access to a rear-seat monitoring camera view via the vehicle's touchscreen and the maker's Uconnect platform. As expected, both models also pack a number of modern safety features as standard offerings, including active lane management, the ability to monitor blind spots, adaptive cruise control, and rear park assist, among other things. Drivers who want to take the safety features up a notch can also opt for additional safety and assistance tech like active driving and intersection collision assist, night vision with the ability to detect pedestrians and animals, and more.

As for that aforementioned Carbide trim package, it'll be available first on the 2022 Wagoneer model this spring, later arriving on the new 2023 "L" models sometime in the latter half of this year. Consumers can expect everything from glossy black wheels to Smoke-colored accent stitching, Black Onyx grille rings, a glossy black grille texture, "Gloss Black" badges and other elements, plus entirely black seats, doors, and a black instrument panel.