Google Teams With iFixit To Help With DIY Pixel Phone Repairs

In November 2021, Apple announced its Self Service Repair program to provide parts, tools, and manuals to customers that want to fix their phones — specifically the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 — themselves. At the time, the company said the program would start in early 2022, but it hasn't given any updates since. Now Google has announced that it is stepping up the plate in the Right to Repair revolution forward and teaming up with iFixit to launch a self-repair program for Pixel owners. iFixit said in a separate blog post that they'll launch the Pixel self-repair program in Summer 2022. Parts like batteries, cameras, and replacement displays — as well as other things that are normally used for common Pixel repairs — will be available to purchase on the iFixit site in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European Union countries where the phone is available. 

Those parts will be sold both individually and as part of the Fix Kit, which comes with the tools necessary to fix the Pixel should something happen to it, including a screwdriver, spudger, and the iOpener, which is designed to apply heat directly and evenly to case phone components that are joined by adhesive.

What's included in iFixit's Google Pixel repair kit

Google and iFixit say that the spare parts will be available for a wide range of Pixel models, from the Pixel 2 all through Pixel 6 Pro. The availability of the spare parts will also be extended to future Pixel models. As for the tools necessary to carry out the repairs — aside from the screwdriver, spudger, and iOpener — the Fix Kit will also come with a replacement pre-cut adhesive, which secures and re-waterproofs the phone; a set of six opening picks that resemble guitar picks; the iFixit opening tool; suction handle; angled tweezers; a precision bit driver with an integrated SIM eject tool; and 4mm precision bits that are tailored for a specific model.

For those who prefer to seek professional help, Google already has partnerships with multiple repair providers, including uBreakiFix, where users can take their phones to get them fixed. However, the amount of time and effort it will take to repair the Pixel depends on its age, model, and how damaged it is. Google and iFixit are collaborating for the Pixel self-repair program to prolong the lifetime of the Pixel phones. Google is also committing to provide five years of security updates for the latest Pixel models starting with Pixel 6, and recycling programs that allow people to trade in unwanted Pixel phones.