82 Hours Later, WoW Fans Receive Signed Copies of Cataclysm

Chris Burns - Dec 7, 2010
82 Hours Later, WoW Fans Receive Signed Copies of Cataclysm

Those waiting at ground zero, Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, found themselves in a rain drenched nightmare yesterday after waiting upwards of 82 hours in line. Who was the first person in line? 18 year old Curtis McHenry, a dude so dedicated to getting that first spot that he lined up at 2PM Friday for the Monday release. Wild! These crazed maniacs weren’t all disappointed, however, as they did indeed receive not only their copy of the game on time, but a signed Collectors edition – free! Signed by who, you ask? Why, Frank Pearce, co-founder of the Irvine-based game company Blizzard Entertainment and executive producer of World of Warcraft!

When asked why he’d do such a lovable thing for the fans of this epic game, Pearce, signing autographs as he spoke, had the following to say:

Those guys have been in lines for days. Those are some of our most dedicated fans, of course we want to treat them right. I mean, we want to treat all of our fans right but, you know, special recognition for those guys is really important. I think it’s really valuable for the community to know they’re really important to us.

What a nice guy! Also, courtesy of the Orange County Register, take a peek at this launch party video. Looks like a completely wild and crazy time had by all:

[Via Orange County Register: OC Unwired]

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