This DDoS Attack Forced Among Us Servers To Shut Down

"Among Us" may not have been a hit right from the start (it was originally released back in 2018), but it did skyrocket in popularity during the early days of the pandemic. The massive growth has come with a downside, unfortunately, as the game's servers were targeted by a DDoS attack on March 24 that brought them down across the EU and US.

For a game about impostors trying to trick and slowly eliminate others with deception and sabotage, a Distributed Denial of Service attack that overwhelms and crashes servers seems a bit on-the-nose. However silly the situation might seem on the surface, it's likely not as humorous to a number of the game's thousands of current players or to its developer Innersloth, which spent days trying to fix the problem.

This isn't the first time Innersloth has had to deal with malicious attacks against its popular game, either, as millions of users ended up the victims of a spam attack back in 2020. It's unclear who is behind this new DDoS campaign.

Things are looking "stable" after days of work

To its credit, Innersloth began to address the DDoS attack immediately, working through the weekend to try and get the servers back online. The team tried to keep spirits high by laughing off the attack while working on the problem, stating in a tweet, "Someone really had to DDoS us at the end of my work day??? smh???? it's 5pm i wanted to nap this is so rude."

The official "Among Us" Twitter account did state some servers were down in its profile, but the message has since been removed. In its most recent update published at around 3:30 p.m. EDT on March 28, Innersloth said its servers "look stable" and that "hopefully the sabotages don't come back." The team promised to keep its players updated in case something changes, but at the time of writing, it seems everyone can get back into matches and busy themselves with uncovering imposters.