Instagram Makes It Easier For Users To Avoid Music Copyright Issues

This week, Instagram shared an update to its guidelines on the use of music in videos, including live broadcasts. The company is clarifying its restrictions to make it easier for users to understand what is acceptable and what puts their videos at risk. Additionally, the company has introduced a new alert that gives users a heads up when they're close to crossing the line.

The use of copyrighted music results in videos either being muted or removed; this is particularly problematic for streamers who accidentally broadcast copyrighted audio during a live stream, which can happen if there is, for example, a radio playing in the background. Instagram is making it easier for users to change this before their video is muted or removed.

The company says that it has improved its in-app notifications that alert users when the system detects that their video or live stream is violating Instagram's music guidelines. These alerts will plainly state the issue and will present it earlier in the stream.

If things do reach the point where Instagram blocks the video or mutes its audio, the company says that it will "make it clear what actions you can take to stop the interruption." The company explains the general rules for using music in videos and live broadcasts — examples include using shorter clips rather than longer ones.

As well, Instagram warns that the user's video shouldn't just be the recorded audio — it should always have "a visual component." Users who want music for their videos without any limitations can get free audio from the Facebook Sound Collection, too.