Samsung Has A Free TV Service And You Can Now Watch It Online

If you own a Samsung mobile device or smart TV, you have access to a free streaming TV service called Smart TV Plus. According to Samsung, it offers more than 160 channels on this free service, though many tend to be minor offerings like People TV and Crime 360. That aside, those who enjoy the content can now also access it through a desktop browser.

Samsung's TV Plus service has been around for quite a while, though a surprising number of Samsung device owners are still unaware of its existence. If you have a Samsung flagship phone, for example, you should be able to swipe right on the screen to pull up the video service, which includes both live and linear content.

As first spied by Protocol, you can now watch the service through a web browser using the website. As with the TV app and mobile app, there's no requirement to create an account. Users are presented with a cable-like channel guide featuring live content, as well as tabs for sorting through genres.

Though the service obviously won't compete with paid offerings like Sling TV or Philo, it is a nice option for those who may want to watch the news on occasion or who simply want to stream TV without paying. Some popular shows are available on the platform; a quick browse shows things like Deal or No Deal, PBS Kids, Unsolved Mysteries, Tiny House Hunting, Kitchen Nightmares, and similar.

The service also includes music stations and some Spanish-language content. Samsung's offering joins other similar platforms like Pluto TV, which offers more notable shows due largely to its Viacom underpinning, as well as things like The Roku Channel, Tubi, and XUMO. The update also adds Chromecast support for the mobile app.