The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Wireless Charger Isn't What I Expected

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Amazon made some interesting decisions when it came to the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition and its wireless charger. There is a wireless charger for this device, and this device only. Amazon made a point to show a list of devices that do not work with this e-reader device, and suggested that the Amazon-made charger is the best item to buy to wirelessly charge this device. Why so specific?

Amazon wants you to buy the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, and they want you to know that it has Qi-standard wireless charging capabilities. They also want you to know that if you plan on charging your device wirelessly, they'd very much like it if you purchased the wireless charging dock they've made for this specific purpose.

This isn't all that different from a device maker creating a specific sort of protective case for a smartphone, or a keyboard that connects only to one specific model tablet. But Amazon's device, here, makes a point of making sure you understand that there are OTHER wireless chargers out there that are NOT going to work with their new e-reader.

A strangely limited list of devices is included as a link on Amazon from the listing page for the e-reader. That limited list of chargers is titled "The following 10 wireless Charging transmitters are mechanically incompatible with Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition." They go on to list devices from CE Link Limited, Samsung C&T, Shenzhen Injoinic Technology Co., Ltd., Belkin, FIT, Sdion, TYLT, and Novero dabendorf GmbH.

The list contains chargers that have clamps (for smartphones) or are dish-like, each with hardware that'd make it impossible for the wireless charging coil within to reach the back panel of the e-reader. It should be common sense.

It seems likely that this is just the first major device Amazon has listed with a wireless charging coil, and want to make CERTAIN they've mentioned the limitations of the technology. They've gone so far as to show the innards of their specific wireless charging dock, showing how the position of the coil is up higher on the back of the device than it might otherwise be on other wireless charging devices.

If you plan on buying any device with wireless charging capabilities from Amazon in the future, make sure you read the WHOLE description to make certain you're getting a device that'll fit the charger you're also buying for said device.