Google Play Hot Air Balloon Offline Game Released To The Masses

This week the Google Play Hot Air Balloon offline mini-game launched into the wild. This game was in development for quite a while now, appearing in testing for months back in 2020 – now it would appear that it's ready to roll. If you'd like to give this game a go, make sure you've got the latest version of the Google Play store on your Android device – then disconnect from the internet.

To make sure you have the latest version of Google Play on your smartphone, head over to the Google Play services app right this minute. With this app's latest update, your Android device will be able to check whether you need a newer version of Google Play. Once you have the latest version of Google Play, you should be able to access the balloon game.

To access the balloon game, simply open up Google Play while your smartphone or tablet is disconnected from the Internet. Turn off mobile data and turn off wi-fi, and go!

Once you open the Google Play app store with your internet turned OFF, you'll see the sleeping satellite. This satellite is so very sleepy that he is drooling. Under the satellite, you'll see a message that says "You're offline." Below that, you'll see "Check your connection of get a notification when you're back online."

Below that, there should be a section that says "Play while you wait" followed by an icon with a balloon and "Hot Air Balloon". To the right of these, there should be a "Play" button. Tap that button and go ahead!

This is only the latest offline game created by Google for the greater good of IT professionals everywhere. Instead of flipping one's lid over a single app or service's inaccessibility, a user is encouraged to wait while it's fixed, flying a balloon or running across an ancient world as a t-rex.