Adobe Illustrator Recolor Artwork Works Like Magic For Iterative Design

Today Adobe delivered a sneak preview for the near-future feature called Recolor Artwork. It works like magic, intelligently seeking out the color pallet with which you've designed a piece of work, allowing you to change said pallet on the fly. Better yet, it allows you to intelligently select a whole new color pallet from an existing picture, lift it, and use it as your own.

Adobe Illustrator will have this Recolor Artwork feature in a future update. This feature's full name is "Recolor Artwork – Color Theme Picker." In the video below, you'll see the Adobe Illustrator team show how this Recolor Artwork tool gives users the ability to "automatically extract colors from any image and apply them directly to designs."

This opens a new door to quick, iterative design possibilities. Now viewing different color pallets in a single work of design can be as easy as a button tap, where before it might've taken a few minutes to a few hours of exhaustive work. This is a perfect example of where machine learning and artificial intelligence is used for good in this world, that's for certain.

Of course this being an Adobe Illustrator feature, it's going to need to be a vector artwork right out the gate. You can't (yet) do this same sort of thing in Photoshop. To do something similar in Photoshop, you'll need to run a few more steps, including but not limited to selecting each color and replacing each range of color with a piece-by-piece selected design work... unless...

Imagine using the Adobe Illustrator Recolor Artwork tool used in combination with an intelligently vectorized photograph. It wouldn't be perfect, right out the gate, but it'd certainly be an interesting back gate to this next-gen smart feature before it expands to other areas of the Adobe universe.

We might well see similar – and similarly interesting – features during the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference this month, too. That takes place October 20, 21, and 22 for all those who register, for free. We'll be covering that action too, so stay tuned!