Reddit Users Can Now Directly Share Multiple Images In A Single Post

Reddit, arguably the most popular anonymous social network on the Internet, has long had some baffling and frustrating restrictions. One of the biggest issues is the lack of native image gallery support, forcing users to share either a single image directly on the site or to create a post linked to a third-party hosting site where the gallery was located. That changes with the launch of native image gallery support, a new opt-in feature.

Reddit officially announced the new feature on Wednesday, explaining that its users can now share multiple GIFs or images directly in a post...assuming the subreddit they're posting in has the feature turned on. The native galleries support up to 20 GIFs or images per post; they're merely called Image Galleries.

Users have been requesting native gallery support for years; many communities, such as /r/DIY, depending on multi-image posts as their primary content. The majority of Redditors turn to Imgur as the host for their galleries, but that site has gravitated toward being its own social platform and has placed certain restrictions on content that makes things more inconvenient for Reddit users.

Assuming moderators for the community have enabled the feature, Redditors can natively share an image gallery by creating a new post and selecting "Image." Rather than seeing the option to upload a single image, users can now add an entire batch, add a caption for each, and add links. The other feature, such as flairs and spoiler tags, remain as usual.

There may be another reason for the new feature besides user feedback — Reddit notes that multiple partners like National Geographic and Serious Eats are on board to use the feature. Android support for these native uploads will arrive sometime next week and in the future, Reddit says users can expect galleries to also support videos in the same post with images and GIFs.