Pokemon GO Zarude: Tips To Catch This Mythical Monster

The most important Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO right now is Zarude! This monkey Pokemon won't be the most important Pokemon in the game forever, but from October 1 through October 10, Zarude is part of some Special Research you're going to feel compelled to complete! This is a limited edition Pokemon situation!

Zarude task list and tips

Zarude is worth finding, if only because he's never been in the game before now! To do this, you'll need to run through some Special Research. This is LIMITED TIME Special Research, which means you'll need to START the research before the time runs out, but you can complete the whole long line of research any time.

Step 1 includes Catching 7 different species of Pokemon and taking 3 snapshots of Ground-type Pokemon (go for Diglett!). Then you'll need to catch 10 Bug-type Pokemon (likely Caterpie), and take 3 snapshots of wild Bug-type Pokemon (again, Caterpie.) And remember – you can complete research with three snapshots of the SAME Pokemon – easy!

The most difficult part of this whole research line is in Step 2: Make 5 Great Throws in a row. If you can do that, the rest is smooth sailing.

Step 3 needs you to use 20 berries to catch Pokemon, catch 30 Grass or Bug-type Pokemon, and take 3 snapshots of wild Grass-type Pokemon. Step 4 needs you to defeat 6 Team Go Rocket Grunts and catch 15 Pokemon with Weather Boost! You'll need to take 3 snapshots of wild Flying-type Pokemon, too.

After that you'll just need to claim all sorts of rewards. Step 5 includes claiming three sets of 1000XP, rewarding you with 1000x Stardust, 10x Zarude candy, and an encounter with Zarude.

Zarude has a base capture rate of 0.1, which means there's a (10%) 1/10 chance he'll stay in the Pokeball, barring modifiers. Compare this to Genesect (Douse Drive) which has a 2% catch rate (absolutely terrible), and you're looking good!

After the catch

If and when you catch Zarude, you'll have a Pokemon that is extra vulnerable to Bug-type attacks (no sweat!) and very resistant to Ground, Ghost, Water, Grass, Electric, and Dark moves. This Pokemon's best moves are Vine Whip (Fast) and Power Whip (Charged), both of which are Grass-type moves.

Bite (Dark-type) is also a great Fast move (almost the same DPS), but alternate Charged moves (Dark Pulse, Energy Ball) are not nearly as great as Power Whip. This may be a Dark- AND Grass-type Pokemon, but Zarude is ALL ABOUT the Grass-type moves.

As of right this minute, December 5, 2021, there is NO chance you'll find a Shiny Zarude in Pokemon GO. Not only is a Shiny Zarude not available for wild spawn, there are literally no Shiny Zarude files in the Pokemon GO APK package. You cannot catch what isn't there!

Zarude is not a Legendary Pokemon, but he IS a Mythical Pokemon. This means he will not be able to be placed as a defender at a Pokemon Gym. Unless the rules change – and we hope they do!