SpaceX Raises Starlink Prices For Reservations And New Users

Getting yourself a Starlink connection is going to be more expensive. The news comes from SpaceX, which recently sent emails to customers, informing them of an impending hike in the prices of its Starlink satellite internet service. The company is raising prices across the board, meaning the hardware kit and the monthly fee will see an increase. Interestingly, Starlink's price hike also applies to people who have already paid an initial deposit for the connection and the starter kit. While these deposit holders will only need to pay $50 over and above the $499 they already paid, — taking the total to $549 — future Starlink customers will need to shell out $599 for the same thing.

This kit contains everything you need to get your Starlink connection up and running and includes the Starlink receiver dish, the modem, and the home router. Apart from increasing the prices of the kit, Starlink has also raised its subscription fee. People who used to pay $99 as a monthly fee will now be required to shell out $110 for the same service — a price increase of $11. While the prices mentioned above are for the U.S. market, SpaceX confirms that the increased prices shall be applicable globally.

Why is Starlink getting more expensive?

Starlink has been pretty forthcoming in its email and cites inflation as the primary reason for raising its prices while also hinting that it has been spending a lot of money trying to expand its infrastructure. The company says it has more than tripled that number of Starlink satellites in orbit in the past few months. Starlink has also quadrupled the number of ground stations needed for relaying local connectivity. These investments have led to a general improvement in Starlink's performance and the quality of services provided, translating to lower latency and improved download/upload speeds.

For customers who think the increased price hike is a bit too much for them and have been using the service for less than a year, Starlink will offer a partial refund of $200; customers who joined less than 30 days ago are eligible for a full refund. The email adds that Starlink will continue its efforts to make improvements to its networks and service going forward.