Dead Space Remake Hit With A Delay

Well, it looks like the "Dead Space" remake, which is bound for PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X, won't be coming out in 2022 — which, to be fair, was never set in stone. But now you'll have to wait a little bit longer to revisit the U.S.G Ishimura for the first time.

The "Dead Space" series was very well received when it debuted in 2008, with a trio of main titles stretching into 2013 with "Dead Space 3," as well as a number of side games and spin offs like the 2010 prequel to "dead Space 2" that released on mobile devices, "Dead Space Ignition." So of course news of a "Resident Evil 2"-style remake of the first game was a big deal for many long-time fans.

It also brings hope that, just maybe, EA would be willing to try and bring the series back after the rumored "Dead Space 4" was reportedly canceled back in 2013. Unfortunately, the official "Dead Space" Twitter account has confirmed that the game won't be coming out until sometime in early 2023.

What we know so far

While a delay is disappointing, it's definitely not the same thing as a cancellation. In fact, the game looks like it's coming along very nicely from the small bits of pre-production gameplay that have been shared in previous development livestreams. New developer Motive Studios (taking over for the now-defunct series creator Visceral Games) definitely has its hands full, but seems to be up to the task.

According to the team, we should expect some changes compared to the original — things like actual dialog from protagonist Isaac Clarke (with Gunner Wright returned to provide his voice), along with updated zero-gravity and dismemberment systems. Hopefully other details, like there being no environmental sounds in the vacuum of space, will remain.

Of course, what we've seen are just a fraction of a full and completed game. With a lot of work left to do, it's understandable that Motive Studios might need more time to finish. Sure it means waiting longer for what promises to be a solid (and gorgeous, in a twisted way) update to a beloved horror classic, but if the new "Dead Space" ends up being better for it is it really that much to ask?