Galaxy Z Fold 4 Leaks Tip A Masterpiece

Samsung's next wave of foldables is a healthy few months away from an official debut, but concept art has imagined the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a rather stunning fashion. Digital artist Waqar Khan has created some eye-catching renders (shown below) of the upcoming phone-tablet hybrid that borrow design elements from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The fundamental design language is carried over from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (shown above), with a few neat refinements in tow.

The hinge engineering remains the same, and the tall cover display also retains its looks with a circular-hole punch cutout at the top for the selfie snapper. The bezels have been trimmed slightly for a cleaner look. However, tall aspect ratio has actually proved to be a divisive design element. Some folks appreciate the fact that is quite handy, but typing on the cramped keyboard is not the most comfortable experience. Plus, playing games like PUBG Mobile with a ton of on-screen controls are a test of patience.

Atoning for the stylus sin of its predecessor

The white and black trims on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 renders are easy on the eyes, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra-inspired Burgundy shade looks terrific. And given the kind of reception this particular color option has received, Samsung might well carry over the shade to its next foldable. Unfolding the device reveals its inner foldable panel rocking an uninterrupted clean look without a notch or hole-punch cutout. Of course, an under-display selfie camera is at play here, just like the one we saw on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

There's one major change envisioned by the concept renders — a silo for housing the S Pen. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers support for stylus input, but unlike the Galaxy Note series phones, the foldable device doesn't offer a garage to house the S Pen. Instead, the stylus is sold separately, with a chance of misplacing it in tow. It was a missed opportunity at making the Galaxy Z Fold 3 a true productivity powerhouse, but rumors suggest that Samsung will change course with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. And right on cue, concept renders imagine the possibility of an S Pen garage on Samsung's next foldable in vivid detail.

Still shrouded in mystery and foggy leaks

There's a triple camera array at the back without any distinct camera island design. Instead, the lens rings are aligned vertically and protrude in the same fashion as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Not much is known about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at this point in time, but if one were to take an educated guess, it will come armed with a 4nm-based processor that will most likely be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or an in-house Exynos chip in certain markets.

Per a report from The Elec, the tall cover display will reportedly measure 6.19-inches, while the inner foldable panel will measure 7.56-inches across. The company is also rumored to employ the EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) tech for the next-gen S Pen that will no longer rely on in-built batteries, which means the stylus won't draw any juice from the Galaxy Z Fold 4's in-built battery. But do keep in mind that these are just concept renders and rumors we're talking about here, which means the final product might look a lot different than what we've envisioned so far.