March Xbox Update Serves Up Big Quick Resume And Controller Improvements

Xbox has announced a new system update for the Xbox Series X|S consoles, adding three new features, two of which will likely prove very useful for many gamers: the ability to remap a button you may not use very often, as well as a pinning feature for Quick Resume. The latest firmware version also brings a new audio setup wizard, though that's something you aren't likely to interact with on a regular basis.

According to Xbox Wire, players can now pin up to two games to Quick Resume, plus they now have the option to remap the Share button on Xbox Wireless Controllers. Quick Resume already allows Xbox players to seamlessly switch between multiple games and pick up right where they left off. However, being able to pin two games to the menu so that they're always available for rapid switching is a massive improvement. Remapping the Share button is also an important change, especially for people who don't take screenshots or video recordings and share them on social media very often.

How to pin games to Quick Resume and remap the Share button

When you go to the Groups menu on your Xbox Series X|S console, scroll down to the Quick Resume group and select one or two games you want to put a pin on. For example, if you want to pin "Forza Horizon 5" and "Halo Infinite," select "Forza Horizon 5" first, hit the Menu button, and choose "Pin to Quick Resume." Repeat the same process with "Halo Infinite." If there are two games already pinned to Quick Resume, you can pick alternatives to replace them at any time. Keep in mind that your pinned games will only drop out of Quick Resume if you remove them manually or if the games go through a mandatory software update (as annoying as they can be sometimes).

Meanwhile, the Share button has been limited to, as the name suggests, sharing in-game screenshots and video clips to the social media platform of your choosing. Now you can remap it to other Xbox actions, including controlling the TV volume (or muting it), accessing the search function, opening your friends list, opening achievements, and switching the display to Night Mode, among other things. You can remap the Share button from the Xbox Accessories app.

Xbox has been testing out the Share button remapping feature since last month, according to The Verge. This change may prove to be a great benefit for players with disabilities.