Shiny Oddish Pokemon GO Guide: Everything You Need To Know!

As of October 2, 2019, there's a brand new Shiny Oddish in Pokemon GO. This means a whole lot for trainers seeking out the entire collection of Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Universe, as it'll be the entire Oddish family that'll be available in Shiny form.

Now that Shiny Oddish is available in Pokemon GO, available too are Gloom, Vileplume, and Bellossom. Two of these three other Shiny Pokemon can be found with standard evolutions. Once you get a Shiny Oddish, you'll just need a bit of candy to make your Pokemon evolve.

Each time a Shiny Pokemon evolves, it remains Shiny! That means the Shiny Oddish you capture and evolve will turn into Shiny Gloom, then shiny Vileplume. The only slightly more difficult-to-attain Pokemon in this set is Bellossom.

How do I get a Shiny Bellossom?

To attain a Shiny Bellossom, you'll need a Shiny Gloom. With the Shiny Gloom, you'll need 100 Oddish Candy and a Sun Stone. The Sun Stone is part of the original set of 5 Special Items released in Pokemon GO in the year 2017. They first appeared in February of that year and haven't really changed a whole lot since – they still appear the same way, still work like they did at launch.

Shiny Bellossom vs Vileplume

It's important to note for non-collectors that Bellossom isn't necessarily better or worse than Vileplume. You'll need a Sun Stone to evolve, but you'll still need the same amount of Oddish Candy, and you'll be at the final evolutionary stage of Oddish.

Max Attack, Defense, Stamina, and CP for Bellossom is, respectively, 169, 186, 181, and 2281. Those same max stats for Vileplume are 202, 167, 181, and 2559. You can find the amount of each of these stats your unique Oddish-to-Gloom will have, too.

Evolving from Oddish to Gloom always gives you the following bumps to the four stats: +22, +24, +27, +453. From Gloom to Vileplume you'll get +71, +55, +53, +1331. Those additions for Bellossom are +38, +74, +53, +1053. Also note that while each evolution of Oddish is both Grass and Poison, Bellossom is only Grass.