Level Keypad Hides Your Phone As Well As The Smart Lock

Level, a company that specializes in various home security measures, has just introduced the Level Keypad, a device that lets you enter your home even without keys or your smartphone. The Bluetooth-operated Keypad takes into account the fact that not every person who needs to enter your home will have access to a smartphone with an app synced to your particular lock. This can include kids, friends, or people who provide various services while you're out of the house, such as dog walkers.

On the surface, the Level Keypad doesn't sound that innovative. We've all seen code-protected alarms, and smart locks aren't all that new, either. However, the Keypad seems to improve upon existing Level technology to make it more accessible without giving up security. While a four or six-digit code may seem insufficient to keep your home protected at all times, the Keypad is fully customizable in order to ensure that the only guests that come in will be those invited by you.

The Keypad is not very discrete in its design, but it can be mounted up to 30 feet away from the Level Smart Lock that it's synced with. This should make it easy to hide it away if you're concerned about people trying to crack the code. It's completely wireless, waterproof, and has an LED backlight for when it's dark outside.

Five different ways to enter your home

Combining the Level smart lock with the Level keypad should make it easy to enter your home at any time, but also to lock it when you don't want any visitors to be able to come in. During the installation, you'll be able to set up multiple four or six-digit codes that can be used to gain entry into your home. From that point on, the range provided by Level products will be expanded, and guests will be able to let themselves in by using the smartphone app, voice control, key codes, auto-unlock, and touch.

While that sounds great on paper, there may be times when you don't want other people to be able to gain entry to your home, such as when you're on vacation. Level seems to have found a good workaround for that — with its controlled entry system, you can program the device with specific variables. This will let you pick who can enter the home, and more importantly, on what days and during what hours. As such, a code that is functional on Mondays between 10 a.m. and noon will not work during the rest of the week.

The device is battery-powered and connects to the smart lock via Bluetooth. The device is up for grabs on the company's official website, priced at $79 as a standalone or $59 when bundled with a Level Bolt, Level Lock (including Touch Edition,) or Level Expressions.