Limited Edition Stüssy X Beats Pill+ Is Bluetooth Speaker's Final Outing

A little over a month after it was discontinued earlier this year, Beats by Dre is resurrecting its Pill+ Bluetooth speaker for a limited edition run. The Apple-owned audio products brand has tied up with street fashion label Stüssy to bring back the speaker, and this time around, it is simply known as "Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre".

For those unaware, the Pill+ was the first product to launch after Apple acquired Beats by Dre back in 2014. As for this new edition of the product, the change in artwork aside, mechanically, this is the exact same speaker as the original Pill+ that has been around since 2015. Cosmetic changes on the resurrected Pill+ speaker are limited to bone artwork on the grille and the signature Stüssy logo on the rear panel, which is in white — to contrast with the rest of the panel, which is in black.

The "Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre" speaker comes in the single black and white color option you see in the pictures. The only other notable design element on the speaker is the phrase "The only good system is a sound system," which appears on the bottom of the speaker. A prominent Beats logo appears on the top of the device flanked by volume control buttons and a power button.

Specifications, pricing, and availability

As outlined earlier, the Stüssy Beats Pill+ (Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre) has the same hardware specs and features as the otherwise-discontinued Pill+. The product was known for its sturdy build and booming sound profile delivered from its twin tweeters and twin woofers. The Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre misses out on features like an IP rating for water and dust resistance – but boasts of 12-hour battery life. Wired connectivity options on the speaker include a lighting port, a 3.5mm jack, and a full-sized USB port — all of which are hidden underneath a rubber flap on the rear.

Those interested in getting hold of the Stüssy Beats Pill+ limited edition can do so starting at 10 am PT, March 4, 2022. In the U.S., the product will be available exclusively at Stüssy's website for $185. The product will also be sold in Canada for $255 and in the UK for GBP 185. Other countries with confirmed availability include The Netherlands, where it will retail for EUR 205. Asian countries with confirmed availability for the Stüssy and Beats By Dr.Dre include South Korea, where it is priced at 230,000 WON, and Japan — where this one will set you back by 21,500 Yen.