Google Pixel Watch Is Coming And It Could Launch With Pixel 6a

In the wake of the Pixel 6's October launch, we've been hearing a lot of rumors about the Pixel 6a. For even longer, we've been hearing reports of the Pixel Watch, though so far, nothing has materialized in any official capacity. While a spring launch for Pixel 6a might be a foregone conclusion considering Google's past hardware releases, a potential release date for the Pixel Watch has been a little harder to nail down.

However, today we're getting some indication that both devices could be launching alongside each other rather soon. New references to both devices have been discovered in a mobile carrier's inventory system, which means that the carrier in question is preparing to receive shipments of them. When that will happen is still anyone's guess, but this is further indication that Google may be planning a Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch combo for sometime in the upcoming months .

Pixel Watch makes a surprise appearance

According to Max Weinbach of Android Police, an unnamed source has spotted a reference to the Pixel Watch in a U.S. carrier's inventory system. We're not sure which carrier we're talking about here, but that's somewhat besides the point. For now, at least, the Pixel Watch is appearing with the codename "rohan" in the carrier's database, which also says that it will offer 32GB of storage and will be available in gray, black, and gold color schemes.

Those are all of the details we learn from the carrier's inventory listing, it seems, but Weinbach also notes that since the carrier in question has never offered a non-cellular smartwatch, it's likely that the Pixel Watch will have some kind of mobile internet capability. 4G LTE? 5G? No one knows for sure, but given that this is a carrier inventory system we're seeing these references in, it'll probably support one if not both.

A side-by-side launch with Pixel 6a?

In addition, Weinbach's source says that the carrier inventory listing shows references to a different device codenamed "bluejay," or the Pixel 6a. The details revealed are similar to those we learned about this mysterious "ronan" device, with the carrier listing revealing storage for what's probably the base model – 128GB – along with three different color schemes in black, white, and green.

Aside from those morsels, these carrier listings don't reveal any other details about these devices. That means no word on the important bits like pricing and release dates, but one has to assume that launch is coming up if carriers are updating their inventory databases in anticipation of these devices. Last we heard, the Pixel 6a could be here as early as May, so perhaps the Pixel Watch will be launching alongside it? We'll find out soon enough as May is just a couple of months away, but expect to hear plenty more whispers about the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Watch in between then and now.