Sennheiser IE 600 Are $700 Earbuds That Keep The Cord

Sennheiser has taken the wraps off its new IE 600, a pair of ultra-durable wired earbuds that feature housings made from ZR01 amorphous zirconium — a glass-like metal that is harder than steel and not typically found on the consumer market. The use of this metal means the earbuds should essentially be crush-proof, plus Sennheiser boasts what it calls extraordinary resistance against scratches and corrosion. This is an important feature, as the earbuds are so expensive, you'll want them to last as long as possible.

The IE 600 earbuds are made for audiophiles who want high-end quality and are willing to pay for it. The model has a massive $700 price tag, which will get you a carefully designed housing complete with "precision-molded" resonator chambers in the nozzle. This, Sennheiser says, helps bring forth "even the finest textures" in music for users who want to hear everything. 

The design is paired with TrueResponse transducers capable of a wide frequency range without much distortion, according to the company. Though hearing those finer sounds and higher frequencies are important to audiophiles, Sennheiser notes it has also designed the IE 600 in such a way that buyers can expect a powerful bass response that doesn't come at the expense of accuracy.

Sennheiser promises comfort, too

Earbuds can be tricky for some consumers when it comes to a comfortable fit, particularly if the device will be used for long periods of time or while active. Sennheiser appears to have addressed these different potential usage scenarios with what it says is an ergonomic fit — one that isn't quite as minimalist as the true wireless earbuds now dominating the market, but that still avoids making a show of itself.

The earbuds loop over the wearer's ears, which should help keep them in place while walking or exercising. As expected for earbuds in this range, the audio cable can be removed from the earpieces, making it easier to swap them out over time. Sennheiser includes 4.4mm and 3.5mm cables with the earbuds, one that's balanced and the other unbalanced, both reinforced with para-aramid.

The tips, meanwhile, come in memory foam and silicone varieties, which should cover most users' needs. Audiophiles interested in this kind of product can expect the IE 600 to arrive this spring or summer, according to the company. Of course, not everyone needs such high-end headphones and, for some users, escaping outside noise or having a cheap backup pair may be more important than hearing every note in a track.

There's no shortage of alternatives on the market, including everything from the relatively inexpensive AirPods Pro to the ultra-cheap JLab's stealth earbuds. Consumers who want higher-end audio quality paired with active noise cancellation and the convenience of a true wireless design can check out some recently revealed alternatives, including the Sony WF-1000XM3.