Razor Launches Its Classic Scooter With A Grown-Up Twist

Personal mobility products are on the rise these days, with a variety of electric scooters and electric bikes popping up in stores. The modern vehicles are not only trendy among a younger crowd and useful in crowded cities, but they are also more environmentally friendly compared to typical gasoline-fueled motorcycles. 

There was a different trend back in the early 2000s, however, with kick scooters filling streets and sidewalks, sometimes to the consternation of older pedestrians. These were even more eco-friendly, requiring only your leg strength and physics to get from point A to point B. 

Razor was a name that topped the market at the time with its iconic A-Kick Scooters. Now it's trying to bring back that scooter for a bit of nostalgia — or, at least, an upgraded version of it packing a battery-powered motor that will give your legs a break.

Razor Icon brings electric upgrade for adults

The Razor Icon e-scooter sticks closely to the design of the original model, but utilizes modern materials that improve the experience, according to the company. The seemingly unpolished aircraft-grade aluminum might inspire a trip down memory lane, and the material's light weight makes up for the increased size. Yes, the Razor Icon is almost twice the size of its non-electric predecessor, which is necessary to house the motor, battery, and electronics that power the model.

Despite its new features, the Razor Icon only weighs 26.5 pounds, and, like most e-scooters on the market, it folds down to a more compact form factor. With this design, the Razor Icon mimics the original kick scooter while looking distinctive alongside other competing electric models. The rebooted product feels both familiar and new at the same time, all while offering the modern amenities adult riders have come to expect.

The upgrades detailed

The Razor Icon isn't all about nostalgia, of course. The new model brings 18 mph of traveling speed to riders, while the battery is said to have a range of 18 miles when fully charged — that should be more than adequate for personal commuting for work or leisure. The 8.5-inch airless front tire offers both comfort and confidence, the company claims, allaying fears of flat tires on some terrains. 

An LED headlight and a brake-activated taillight further increase safety factors, and a security lock point will let you chain the e-scooter using your own bicycle lock. There's a very basic LCD display on the right handlebar, which also holds the throttle and buttons. The ribbed handles, colored to match the e-scooter's motif, is also another nod to the original kick-based model.

Of course, the Razor Icon is also a clear attempt at a throwback to the company's golden age. In fact, Razor is offering a "Throwback Orange" colorway that pays homage to the original A Scooter's most memorable color. It's exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign used to fund the model, so you might want to grab that limited edition if you're a fan of the brand and its historical product. 

The campaign does have the other classic color options available, including black, red, blue, and even pink. Those colorways shouldn't be a surprise as Razor is targeting a youthful crowd, though returning fans might still get a kick out of this scooter upgrade, pun totally intended.