10 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases

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These are the best Google Pixel 5 cases available to protect your phone and keep it looking nice and new. This year the phone is made from metal and plastic, so there's no fragile glass on the back. However, you'll still want some sort of Pixel 5 protection.

Whether you want something rugged, heavy-duty, a stylish case, one super slim, or anything in between, here are some great Pixel 5 cases you'll want to consider.

Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Pixel 5 Case

One of your best case options for Pixel 5 is anything made by Spigen. They offer a wide range of cases in several colors, durability trims, and more. The one we recommend is the Spigen Tough Armor as it's tough as nails and has a built-in kickstand. That way, you're getting stylish protection and extra features for your phone.

What We Like:

- Rugged overall design

- Certified [MIL-STD 810G-516.6] drop protection

- Built-in kickstand

What We Don't Like:

- Thicker than most cases

- Fingerprint sensor can be hard to reach

- Kickstand is flimsy in certain orientations

Specifically, this case has a dual-layer design of impact-resistant TPU material on the inside and a hard polycarbonate frame on the outer edge. That way it's thin, easy to hold, yet still strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Buy it Now on Amazon.

TopACE Slim Clear Bumper Case for Pixel 5

Many buyers simply want a case that's thin, cheap, and offers some type of extra protection. If so, consider this slim clear bumper case from TopACE.

What We Like:

- Extremely slim

- Clear with a textured finish

- Very affordable

What We Don't Like:

- A bit on the flimsy side

- Not a lot of overall protection

With this option, you're not getting any bells and whistles, and instead only the basics. It's an impact-resistant TPU case that's clear, has easy to press buttons, and raised edges to keep the screen and camera safe. For under $7, you can't beat it. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Caseology Parallax Rugged Pixel 5 Case

Another great option that we enjoy is Caseology, which makes several styles similar to Spigen. A fan-favorite is the Caseology Parallax, thanks to a rugged dual-layer design.. The Parallax has a soft impact-resistant TPU shell on the inside, surrounded by a rigid polycarbonate plastic outer bumper shell.

What We Like:

- Unique design

- Comfy wavy texture that's easy to grip

- Reinforced polycarbonate bumper

What We Don't Like:

- Wavy finish could be more pronounced

- Fingerprint sensor is hard to reach

- Speaker grill isn't perfectly aligned

The back has a textured wavy finish for a better grip and reinforces the corners for added drop protection. Choose from three different colors. Buy it Now at Amazon.

EasyACC Thin-Fit Pixel 5 Case

Do you want a case that as thin and minimalist as possible while still offering enough protection that you feel safe using your Pixel 5? If so, consider something like the thin-fit case from EasyACC. They make great cases for those on a budget, and this is no exception.

What We Like:

- Extremely thin

- Easy to install

- Raised lip protects the camera

What We Don't Like:

- Texture on the back feels weird

- Not a lot of overall phone protection

- Fit & finish around charger/speaker needs cleaned up

EasyACC's Pixel 5 thin case fits like a glove and is made entirely out of TPU material. That means it'll absorb impacts from drops or damage, yet it's still super thin and lightweight. Buy it Now on Amazon.

TUDIA Merge DualShield Case for Pixel 5

I've long been a fan of TUDIA cases for the overall tough style without being too bulky. The new TUDIA Merge incorporates an improved dual-layer design that ensures your phone's survival in drops and accidents. You'll enjoy raised lips and edges for screen and camera protection, not to mention a 10-ft military-grade drop certification.

What We Like:

- Rugged dual-lauer design

- Easy access to fingerprint sensor

- Tactile easy-to-press buttons

What We Don't Like:

- A bit bulky

- Fingerprint cutout could be bigger

Basically, this case is strong. They're using a thin TPU shell on the inside with reinforced corners and other hotspots. Then, a strong polycarbonate plastic on the inside that acts as a tough exoskeleton. We like the angled cutout so owners can easily access the rear fingerprint sensor. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Pixel 5 Case

Honestly, the case I've bought the most for my last several Android smartphones is the Spigen Liquid Air Armor. This case is the perfect middle ground for durability without being too thick or too thin. Plus, the back's texture is incredible and feels right with just the correct amount of grip.

What We Like:

- Slim, form-fitted case

- 360-degree angled cutout for fingerprint sensor

- Feels great in the hand

What We Don't Like:

- Could have a bigger lip protecting the screen

- Sharp-edge at USB-C cutout

Spigen employs "air cushion" technology on the sides and corners to help avoid broken screens from drops or accidents. Plus, the outside of both sides has an enhanced texture to make sure the phone never slips out of your hands. You can't go wrong with this case for your Pixel 5. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Otterbox Defender Series Tough Case & Holster

Whether you're always on the go or simply need a rugged case for the toughest jobs, Otterbox has you covered. Some people just prefer a case that covers the back AND the front of their phone, ensuring it'll ultimately be safe no matter what happens. Otterbox cases are also popular with parents of small kids, as kids always steal phones.

What We Like:

- Built like a tank

- Easy access to fingerprint sensor

- Belt clip holster is included

What We Don't Like:

- Almost too thick

- Flap covering the charging port is hard to open

- Expensive

The Otterbox Defender Series is one of the most durable of the entire Otterbox line. There's no built-in screen protector, but the case still has multiple layers and snaps together from both the front and the back. No aspect of the case is left unprotected, and they even added flaps to cover the charging port. It's a tough rugged case for those that need one. Spigen includes the belt clip holster, too. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Incipio Dual Grip Case for the Pixel 5

Incipio is a popular brand you'll find not only online but in retail stores like T-Mobile, Verizon, or Best Buy. And while these cases are a little more expensive than some on our list, they're built to last and are an excellent option for any Pixel 5 owner.

What We Like:

- Very solid design

- Rubber grips are super comfy

- Rubber feet at all 4 corners

- Sits flat on a table (no wobble)

What We Don't Like:

- A little too expensive

- Not enough color options

- Buttons a bit stiff

Each case uses a dual-layer design with TPU and hard plastic on the outside. Then, Incipio added multi-directional rubber grips on the sides to make it nearly impossible for the phone to slip out of your hand or a pocket. Additionally, they promise a 14-ft drop protection rating, which should give you some peace of mind. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Google's Official Pixel 5 Fabric Case

Google loves to offer fun colors on most products, and that includes their excellent fabric cases. While you can get a regular black or grey fabric case, we're big fans of this Blue Confetti fabric case for the Pixel 5.

What We Like:

- Truly unique looking

- Eco-friendly recycled materials

- Machine-washable fabric

What We Don't Like:

- Doesn't offer much protection

- Opening on the bottom doesn't fully cover the phone

- Expensive for little protection

The company makes these eco-friendly cases from recycled yet fancy fabric that's 100% machine washable. We recommend taking it off your phone and rinsing it off in a sink if you intend to clean it. Each case has a soft microfiber lining on the inside to keep things safe, too. It's a fancy and stylish option, but others on our list offer more protection. Buy it Now on Amazon.

EIAIA Wallet Case for the Pixel 5

Last but not least, we wanted to recommend one more case that adds protection, style, and features to your Pixel 5. And while we haven't recommended EIAIA too often, we have seen these cases, and the leather and fabric pattern combo looks great.

What We Like:

- Wallet adds features to your phone

- Stylish good looks

- Thin & affordable

What We Don't Like:

- Fit & finish needs work

- Doesn't fully protect the bottom

- Thread around wallet a bit loose

This case offers a nice overall design, reinforced corners, a soft-touch finish with a leather wallet on the back. That way, you can throw your ID and debit card in your phone case, grab the keys, and enjoy a night on the town. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Choosing the best Pixel 5 Case for you

When you're looking for the best Pixel 5 case, consider what's important to you and your needs, not what's the top-seller on Amazon. If you drop your phone a lot or are always on the go, get something thick and rugged like the Spigen or Otterbox. If you hate thick cases, get the slimmest option you can find.

Keep in mind that a cheap case doesn't mean it's a bad case. Spigen makes great stuff, as does TUDIA, but they're not $39 either. The price may indicate materials they use, or brand name, but not the overall value it'll deliver to you. Again, that depends on what you need, how you use your phone, and what style or added features are best for you.

In closing, make sure you only get a case for the Pixel 5. Cases for the Pixel 4 or 4XL will not fit, and cases for the Pixel 4a or Pixel 4a with 5G don't either. Only Pixel 5 cases fit this phone.