This Wild Tilting E-Trike Could Be The Most Fun On Three Wheels

Arcimoto may not be an EV maker you are familiar with, but the company has made some very interesting single seater and dual seater mobility vehicles. It currently has five models for sale, all variations of a single platform three-wheel platform designed with environmental sustainability in mind. As the company points out on its website, 90 percent of trips made in cars are for short journeys either alone or with one passenger. It's range of trikes is designed to provide people with an alternative means of transport that has been tailored to meet this particular opportunity.

Building on what it has learnt making tilting three-wheelers, a design approach which is all about cornering stability, Arcimoto has just launched its first e-trike. Currently codenamed the Mean Lean Machine (MLM), it differs from its stablemates by looking less like a vehicle and much more like a conventional tricycle. 

With e-bikes rising in popularity along with EVs, it seems the folks at Arcimoto know they could be onto a good thing by also targeting this segment. While e-trikes aren't uncommon, there are few, if any, that have adopted the tilting mechanism used on the MLM that have been adopted on various motor trikes and applied it to an e-trike.

Leaning into the future of e-mobility

"It's a thrill to unveil the Mean Lean Machine, a radically new high-performance e-bike with three-wheeled stability and an awesome ride," said Bob Mighell, Arcimoto Chief Tilting Officer and three-wheel tilting technology pioneer. "With the MLM, you'll be able to corner the same way you would on a regular bike with greater traction, more stability and better braking ability. We can't wait for you to ride it."

Arcimoto hasn't yet revealed too much in the way of specifications and has only revealed a working prototype and the final design at this stage. What we do know is that the MLM is fitted with a three-wheel drive system, which means an electric motor powers each of the three wheels. It incorporates a pedal generator for speed control and stationary recharge to help extend mileage when out and about. Speaking of range, Arcimoto doesn't specify exactly what it is targeting for the regular model, but it does say that when fitted with auxiliary batteries, 200+ miles is on the cards.

Arcimoto is targeting a launch in Q4 2022 and is taking reservations now with a $100 fully refundable pre-order. Expect more details about specifications closer to launch.