10 Best OnePlus 8T Cases

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This guide shares a list of the absolute best OnePlus 8T cases available and what each one has to offer. With a bigger 6.55-inch screen and glass covering the front and the back, you'll definitely want some phone protection.

Like most smartphones these days, the OnePlus 8T has almost no bezel surrounding the glass screen on the front, which means it's pretty fragile. Furthermore, all those cameras on the back are vulnerable to damage during life's daily hazards, too. So, getting a case is something we highly recommend.

As a result, we've found you OnePlus 8T cases for as low as $7, which is better than spending a few hundred bucks to repair or replace your phone. Then, our list below has thin cases, wallet cases, kickstand cases, or even rugged, heavy-duty OnePlus 8T cases perfect for any occasion. Try one today!

Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Case for OnePlus 8T

Spigen makes some of the best cases around and is one of our first choices. And while they make several different styles, the Spigen Tough Armor for the OnePlus 8T is your best bet. This case isn't too thin, nor too thick, yet still durable enough to handle daily activities.

What We Like:

- Durable dual-layer design

- Pop-out kickstand for hands-free viewing

- Reinforced corners and air-foam drop protection

What We Don't Like:

- A little on the thicker side

- Flush buttons are hard to find

On the plus side, there's a pull-out kickstand that makes it easy to watch Netflix and YouTube episodes hands-free, which we love. Overall there's nothing major to dislike about this case, and it gives you protection and adds features at the same time. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Official OnePlus Sandstone Case for the 8T

Longtime OnePlus fans will know all about the famous "Sandstone" finish, which is how the company offered the OnePlus One. This soft yet durable textured sandstone finish is a fan-favorite still to this day. And while you can't get the phone with it, the company offers a Sandstone case you'll love.

What We Like:

- Beautiful finish from the old days

- Comes in two colors

- Excellent grip so you won't drop the phone

What We Don't Like:

- Doesn't offer the best protection

- The case is a little thin

- The mute switch is hard to reach

This case gives your phone a fantastic feel in your hand, a reassuring grip, and protects it all at the same time. And while there are more durable cases available, this time around, OnePlus at least made the glass and camera edge raised for added protection. This is a great case any die-hard will enjoy. Buy it Now from OnePlus.

TUDIA Merge DualShield OnePlus 8T Case

I've long been a fan of TUDIA cases for the overall tough style without being too bulky. The latest TUDIA Merge incorporates an improved dual-layer design that ensures your phone's survival in drops and accidents. You'll enjoy raised lips and edges for screen and camera protection, not to mention a 10-ft military-grade drop certification.

What We Like:

- Rugged dual-layer design

- Extra-thick sides for drop protection

- Tactile easy-to-press buttons

What We Don't Like:

- A bit bulky

- Mute switch cutout could be bigger

TUDIA tests its cases by dropping them dozens of times, too, so you know they're tough. The company is using a thin TPU shell on the inside with reinforced corners. Then, a strong polycarbonate plastic on the inside that acts as a tough exoskeleton. The oversized camera protection is a nice addition, too. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Ornarto Clear Slim Case for the OnePlus 8T

Some people just want a case that's thin, lightweight, and clear. Especially if they buy a fancy color like the Cyan green OnePlus 8T. If that sounds good to you, then this $7 case is precisely what you'll want.

What We Like:

- Affordable protection

- Thin, clear, and comfortable

- Dot-finish to keep it clear and easy to hold

What We Don't Like:

- Some clear cases discolor over time

- Molding on the bottom was a little sharp

- Could be more durable

Overall this is a great clear case for the OnePlus 8T. It's perfectly designed to be thin without sacrificing durability. We like the stippled finish, which ensures you don't get the "squished onto glass" look on the back from other clear cases if you know what we mean. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Poetic Revolution Shockproof Full-Body Case

On the other side of the case spectrum, we have the Poetic Revolution series. This is a complete 360-degree full rugged case that's shockproof, dust-resistant, and has a built-in kickstand, belt holster, and screen protector. It's the jack-of-all-trades case that does it all.

What We Like:

- Extremely durable design

- Built-in screen protector

- Belt Holster for those on the go

What We Don't Like:

- Feels like a brick in your hand

- Thicker than most (obviously)

- Dust flap covers the charging port

This is a case designed for someone that's always on the go, works at a construction site, or simply needs serious protection for their phone. I hate having to open the charging port flap, but for others, that peace of mind that dirt and debris won't get inside could be exactly what they want. Essentially, you should always buy a case that fits your individual needs. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Ringke Fusion-X Case for the OnePlus 8T

Unfortunately, there aren't OnePlus 8T cases from brands like Speck, Incipio, Griffin, or Caseology, so consider this awesome option from Ringke. They make excellent cases that are a little more rugged and robust than most without going overboard. It's similar to several cases on our list but has oversized reinforced corners to keep your phone safe every day.

What We Like:

- Super slim yet rugged design

- Rubber feet on all corners for a lay-flat design

- Reinforced dual-layer corners for drop protection

What We Don't Like:

- Sometimes the buttons are stiff

- The bottom and corners felt sharp and uncomfortable

We had a hard time finding things to complain about with this case. Ringke just always makes cases we enjoy using and can trust. You have three colors to choose from, and the Camo Black blends in beautifully with the cyan color of the OP8T. Buy it Now on Amazon.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

No case roundup is complete without something from OtterBox. Whether you're always on the go or simply need a rugged case for the toughest jobs, Otterbox has you covered. Their cases are also popular for people with kids, as kids always steal phones and drop them.

What We Like:

- Rugged OtterBox design

- Not too thick, nor too thin

- Antimicrobial finish on the back

What We Don't Like:

- Not as rugged as some OtterBox cases

- A bit on the expensive side

- Looks plain

At this point, everyone should know about OtterBox, owned an OtterBox, or seen one on a friend's device. They're everywhere, and that's because they work and work well. The Symmetry series is one of their thinnest cases, so it doesn't feel like you're holding a brick, yet it's still strong enough to protect your OnePlus 8T. Buy it Now on Amazon.

OnePlus Official Karbon Fiber Bumper Case

One of my favorite cases from OnePlus is their official Karbon Fiber bumper series. It offers a minimalist style with maximum protection. You'll love the way it looks and feels, which is a big part of why I buy the cases I buy.

What We Like:

- Rugged and durable design

- Fancy carbon fiber styling

- An official accessory made by ObnePlus

What We Don't Like:

- A bit expensive

- Needs more camera protection

- Lip around the screen could be higher

This is a stylish case that looks and feels good. It also fits like a glove considering OnePlus makes it themselves, which many buyers will love. For me, the only potential downside is the raised edges around the screen and camera aren't as much as in other cases. As a result, you may find others on our list that offer far more protection. Still, it's a great case. Buy it Now from OnePlus.

Urban Armor Gear Rugged OnePlus 8T Case

If you're looking for a case that looks good but functions even better, you'll want a rugged case from Urban Armor Gear. They make excellent cases, but the looks and styling aren't for everyone.

What We Like:

- Rugged design built to last

- Tough military-grade materials

- Oversized tactile buttons that are easy to find and press

What We Don't Like:

- The styling is a bit overboard for some

- Fake screws on the back are silly

- The corners can be uncomfortable to hold

This military-esque lineup of rugged cases has an industrial design that users either love or hate. It's not a beauty contest, and as long as you don't break your phone on the first drop, the case did it's job. Right? UAG has cases with one flexible impact-resistant material, while others come with up to five layers of protection. So, choose what's right for you. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

It wouldn't be fair to say we saved the best for last, but the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case is what I've used on my last three phones. It's a great overall case that hits all the important checks on my list. Then again, what's right for me isn't right for everyone. Spigen makes some of the best cases, and this is no exception.

What We Like:

- Solid overall design

- Impact-resistant "air cushion" corners

- Textured back for an improved grip

What We Don't Like:

- That texture on the back traps dirt sometimes

- Could have better side-screen protection

- Charging port cutout on the bottom can be sharp at first

The Liquid Air Armor case isn't the thickest, nor the thinnest, but it's a great middle-ground. Yes, some cases offer far more protection, but at the cost of being thicker and more expensive. This case fits great, has easy to press buttons, and offers just enough protection that you'll feel safe using it daily. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Choosing the best OnePlus 8T case for you

When you're looking for the best OnePlus 8T case, consider what's important to you and your needs, not what's the top-seller on Amazon. People who constantly drop phones or break screens might want something extremely rugged like the OtterBox or Poetic case. If you love the Cyan color try a clear case.

Keep in mind that a cheap case doesn't mean it's a bad case. Spigen makes great stuff, as does TUDIA, but they're not $39 either. The price may indicate materials they use or brand name, but not the overall value it'll deliver to you. Again, that depends on what you need, how you use your phone, and what style or added features are best for you.

In closing, make sure you only get a case for the OnePlus 8T. Cases for the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro or other OnePlus models will not fit the latest OnePlus 8T. A good way to tell is by looking at the camera cutout for the back. So, buy one today and hopefully, this phone lives longer than your last one.