Ford Reveals 2022 Bronco Eruption Green Metallic Heritage Paint Color

The current generation Ford Bronco has lots of retro touches that looked similar to the first-generation Broncos that are so popular with enthusiasts around the world. Ford has announced that it has a new heritage color coming for the 2022 Bronco called Eruption Green Metallic. Ford says the color is a modern interpretation of Mallard Green available on the first-generation Bronco in the early to mid-1970s.

Ford revealed the new color at the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, where the first-generation Bronco is the featured vehicle for the event. The first-generation Bronco was produced from 1966 to 1977. Eruption Green Metallic isn't the only new color coming for the 2022 model year Bronco SUVs.

Ford has also confirmed a new color called Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat. Sadly, Ford didn't share any images of a Bronco painted in that color. Both the new green and red colors are available on every Bronco series in the lineup. That's good news, as sometimes heritage colors are only offered on high-end models.

Ford says that Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue Metallic, and Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat will be available exterior color options until the end of the 2021 model year. While Ford doesn't exactly spell it out, the assumption is those colors will not be available on 2022 model year Bronco SUVs.

Anyone who has been thinking about a Bronco and wants one of the new paint colors can order 2022 Bronco two-door or four-door SUVs in both of the newly announced colors later this year. The Bronco has been extremely popular, and it's difficult for many who want one to find one if they didn't preorder. As we suspected, many Bronco models that have made their way to dealer showrooms carry massive market adjustments in many areas meaning buyers have to pay thousands of dollars over MSRP.