Samsung Working On Galaxy S22 Ultra Display Bug: Here's A Quick Fix

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Samsung seems to be having a hard time keeping its Exynos-powered Galaxy S smartphones bug-free. The company's troubles began earlier this week after a bunch of Galaxy S21 FE users started complaining about a refresh rate bug on the phone that prevented people from using the phone as intended, often slowing the device and rendering it near-unusable. The only apparent solution to the problem was to reboot the phone.

While Samsung is yet to issue a software patch to address that issue, the company seems to have another display-related issue to take care of. And this one is a potentially larger problem as it involves the company's flagship — the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Apparently, several customers who just got hold of their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have begun to notice (Via Reddit) a strange pixelated horizontal line on the display while watching YouTube videos. Interestingly, this line disappears, and the phone works normally while using other apps. What has also become evident is that, at least for now, the problem only seems to affect the Exynos-powered Galaxy S22 Ultra when the display resolution is set to QHD+. If the user decides to lower the display resolution, the issue 'disappears.'

Because the issue seems to be more widespread than the one that affected the S21 FE, Samsung has acknowledged the problem and has confirmed that it is working on a fix. "We are aware of a limited number of Galaxy S22 Ultra devices experiencing a pixelated line on the display when customer plays YouTube or unlocks the device with fingerprints," said the note from Samsung EU forum moderator AntS. "We have already worked to develop a patch on Galaxy S22 Ultra and will release software updates to address the issue soon. We recommend that until then, please change the screen mode to Vivid or resolution to FHD+ of your device."

To change screen mode on your Galaxy device, open settings – display – Screen mode – select vivid. If you'd like to try changing resolutions, start with settings – display – Screen resolution – select FHD+.

Exynos to blame again?

The Exynos variants of Samsung's flagship phones have always had a bad reputation and have generally been considered 'inferior' to their Snapdragon siblings. And the steady stream of software issues plaguing the Exynos variants of the company's phones isn't helping its cause. However, with several buyers of the Snapdragon variant of the phone yet to receive their devices, it may be too early for us to pin all the blame on Exynos. Also, with the issue seemingly only affecting YouTube, it remains to be seen whether Google has anything to do with this.

Meanwhile, as a temporary measure, Samsung has advised all affected Galaxy S22 Ultra users to keep the display resolution to FHD+, and to turn the screen mode to "Vivid". Whatever the case, it is pretty likely that this problem should be fixed with a simple software update, and going by Samsung's official response to the issue, we presume a fix is on its way.