This Uniquely Upgraded Tesla Is Turning Heads On TikTok

The Tesla Model 3 has earnt a reputation as one of the leading mid-size electric sedans on the market. Since the first Model 3 rolled off the production line in July 2017, it has been in high demand as the most affordable model in the company's range. Starting at $43,990 (before incentives), it is still not one would describe as cheap, but when compared to the larger Tesla Model S which starts at $94,990, it starts looking a lot more appealing. 

Like its larger stablemate, the Model 3 is targeted at a premium price point within its market segment, but you do get a plenty of performance and luxury even with the entry-level model, helping to justify the asking price. For example, an entry level Tesla Model 3 with rear motor and rear wheel drive can still do the 0-60 mph sprint in just 5.1 seconds, embarrassing more than a few so-called 'sports cars' along the way. It also proves that a Tesla Model 3's beauty is more thank skin deep.

Beauty that is more than skin deep

Tesla has a well-deserved reputation for making cars with futuristic technology that extends into the interior of the vehicle as well. In fact, Tesla's own marketing calls its interiors the "Interior of the Future" and with good reason. Buyers have the option of a large touchscreen display up to 17 inches in size that can power everything from high-end gaming experiences through to a stereo with up to 960 watts of surround sound, depending on how deep your wallet is and the vehicle you opt for. Naturally, you can also pick your interior color from one of three options including ebony, black and white and cream. But for some people, this simply isn't enough.

A new viral video from Tesla_val shows a Model 3 getting a major interior refit to take it to the next level. While a regular Tesla still resembles a regular car, albeit a pretty slick one, this interior job ends up making the Model 3 in question look like it some you might see on the interior of a Star Trek space shuttle. One thing that you can be certain about after watching the clip is that this is an upgrade job best left to professionals and is not something you would class as a DIY project. It is truly a pleasure to watch an expert at work as he strips the interior of Tesla's stock interior trim and replaces it panel by panel with new components.

When the "Interior of the Future" just isn't enough

The upgrade begins with the removal of the original center console trim which is replaced with new trim that incorporates an LED lighting system. The original carbon fiber look trim is removed from the front dash. It then gets a new LED lighting system retrofitted to it which takes more than a little know-how to execute. Even more scary, however, is the treatment given to the door trim on both sides. This gets almost completely dismantled and includes getting the door handles replaced with a new custom handle as well as new speakers that also get the LED treatment. Even the central display unit gets a new pivoting mount that allows the display to be turned directly towards either the driver or the passenger.

There are already other car makers who have been including LED lighting systems in their car interior designs as at least an optional fitment. Of course, the downside of including additional electronics is two-fold. Firstly, you run the risk of voiding your Tesla warranty for in-car electronics systems and, secondly, you will run the risk of depleting your car battery system and thus reducing its range somewhat. However, the plus side is that you have a Tesla that can have its interior look and feel totally customized to your mood just like the unique example in the video. And who doesn't like a custom ride?

Tesla's influence on the EV industry is undeniable

Whether or not you want to customize your Tesla or not, you cannot deny Tesla's influence on the EV market. As Livewire notes, Tesla has helped to spearhead the adoption of EV. In the US, EV adoption could rise to as much as 50 percent in the coming years with Tesla the best positioned of all current EV makers to take advantage of the boom. This is because, as Reuters reports, Tesla has been able to pioneer new approaches to manufacturing and new approaches to developing software and hardware architecture that allows it to rapidly iterate technology and introduce new features and technology. 

Tesla's success in making EVs desirable has rubbed off on mainstream internal combustion engine (ICE) car makers globally. Many have now gone on to announce timeframes for the end of their ICE cars and the commencement of EV-only production. This is great to see and is good news for the planet and the air we breathe.