Pokemon GO Furfrou Fashion Forms And Trade Trick

Furfrou is taking over the minds of Pokemon GO players this week with what we're calling Fashion Form Madness! When you can't figure out how to "Catch Em All" in any Pokemon game, you feel the madness. When you don't know all the tricks of the trade with Furfrou in Pokemon GO, you go completely off your rocker with Brain Scramblies!

If you're looking to attain all the different forms of Furfrou in Pokemon GO, you're going to need to catch a LOT of Pokemon, or at least have a whole lot of Stardust on-hand.

If you have a Furfrou and want to Change Form, you'll need 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust. That's madness! If you're ONLY going for the Pokedex entry*, you can bypass the whole spending of the massive amounts of stardust by trading with a friend.

*Furfrou's different Forms do not yet appear in the Pokedex as separate entries. But, given the appearance of Event Pokemon in the Pokedex, there's a very good chance we'll see Forms as a category OR inside the Furfrou dex entry soon.

Trade your friends for their Furfrou and you'll save SOME dust. You'll still need to pay for a Special Trade – since that's what each non-basic Form of Furfrou is considered. If you're making a trade with a Best Friend, you'll be able to trade for 800 dust – saving yourself 9200 dust in the process.

Each of the Form Change options are either specific to one region of the world, or can be found everywhere. There may be event-specific trims in the future, too. ALSO NOTE: Shiny Furfrou is in the game code, but not yet available in the wild, so don't fret if you've not found one yet – you couldn't possibly have done so!

• Diamond Trim: Europe, Middle East, Africa

• Star Trim: Asia-Pacific

• La Reine Trim: France

• Kabuki Trim: Japan

• Pharaoh Trim: Egypt

• Matron trim: Everywhere

• Dandy Trim: Everywhere

• Debutante Trim: Americas

It'll be interesting to see how Furfrou's Form Change mechanic will work its way into other Pokemon in the future. Can you think of any Pokemon that might use a Form Change when they're released in Pokemon GO?