Crunchyroll Finally Adds Offline Support, But You Have To Pay More For It

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll has finally added the ability to download videos for offline viewing, enabling subscribers to watch their favorite shows while on mobile and away from WiFi networks. This feature is available as part of new plans introduced on the service, but you're going to pay more for them than you would for the currently-available $8/month Fan subscription tier.

Crunchyroll is free by default, but viewers who are more serious about their anime shows can pay for the Fan plan to get access to things like for ad-free streaming, access to special store discounts, and access to the platform's manga library. In an announcement late last week, the company revealed that it has also added Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan premium subscription tiers.

The regular Fan membership price of $8/month is staying the same. The new Fan Mega option, meanwhile, is more expensive at $10/month, adding the option of streaming content on up to four screens at the same time, as well as offline downloads and exclusive discounts.

Finally, the newly introduced Ultimate Fan plan is priced at $15/month, making it expensive as far as streaming services go, but with a number of perks that will appease diehard anime fans. These include all of the features of the Mega Fan plan, including offline downloads, as well as bigger Crunchyroll Store discounts, a yearly 'swag bag,' and exclusive access to certain merchandise.

The 14-day trial for Premium remains available to new customers, according to Crunchyroll, giving anime fans a chance to experience the service. Though the new plans were announced in the video above, they don't seem to be listed on the Crunchyroll website's signup page at this time.