ChilledCow Lo-Fi Channel Rebrands To Reflect Its Iconic Character

Modern-day lo-fi music was popularized by a number of YouTube channels, the most notable of which is arguably ChilledCow — which, going forward, will now be known as 'Lofi Girl.' The reason for the rebrand is obvious to anyone familiar with the channel: it presents a looping animation of a girl doing homework, and she is known as 'lofi girl.'

Lo-fi as it exists today has become a massively popular genre largely with YouTube creators to thank. The channels rake in millions of views every month and have spawned similar genre variants like 'lo-fi hiphop' and the more demure 'chillhop' varients. These songs often involve looping beats and mixed-in retro audio or voice clips.

Though many channels seem to have sided with the Simpsons character theme, ChilledCow — which has been on YouTube for more than half a decade — went with something a bit more original: a simple looping animation of a girl doing homework with her cat in the background.

That character became known as the 'lofi girl' in pop culture, recently spawning the creation of an actual figurine. To reflect the popularity and the nature of the channel as it exists today, the creator behind it announced that ChilledCow has officially rebranded to 'Lofi Girl.'

The channel's creator notes that ChilledCow was the name selected years ago and that it 'is no longer reflective of what the channel is about anymore.' Fans don't have to worry, though — the music won't be changing, nor will the iconic background.