Discord Rolls Out Animated Stickers, But Only For Some Users

Stickers are nearly as important as GIFs when it comes to modern messaging services, so it's no surprise that Discord has added them. The company announced the change today, citing its desire to give users the things they want most as the catalyst for this change. The new Stickers feature began as an employee Hack Week project last year, according to the company.

When it comes to messaging apps like Discord, stickers refers to a type of large image that users can share with their friends — they're essentially a cross between emoji and GIFs, enabling users to share more precise sentiments than with emoji, but without the data and time involved with GIFs.

Stickers are listed between emoji and GIFs in the Discord app; users can search for a specific type of sticker, such as one that is angry or happy, as well as quickly accessing the ones they most recently used.

You'll only be able to access the stickers feature if you're located in the US and Canada initially, however, with support hitting desktop and iOS before Android. Discord does plan to release the stickers feature globally at some point in the future, as expected.

The company says that it first wants to get feedback from users who have access to stickers and 'incorporate their ideas' into the software before it eventually makes the feature available to everyone. It's unclear how long users have to wait for the full rollout and when the feature will hit Android.