Best Cases To Keep Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Safe

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If you've picked up the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you'll definitely want one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases to keep it safe. This phone starts at $1,099 and most people buy higher storage variants. When you're already spending that much, it just makes sense to get a durable or rugged case to save you some heartache and protect your favorite new gadget.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a robust stainless steel frame and a new ceramic shield display that better handles drops or accidents, it's still somewhat fragile. Apple even upgraded the water-resistance from 4 to 6-meters. However, you'll still want to keep it safe from life's daily hazards.

So, we've gathered a list of the absolute best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in multiple styles, colors, and some even add extra features to your phone. We have something for everyone, from thin cases, rugged cases, clear cases, a wallet or kickstand case, and more. Check out what we like, what we don't, and choose which one is perfect for you.

Incipio Duo Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Our first choice is the fantastic Incipio Duo case for the iPhone 12 series. Incipio thought of everything when they build this case. The iPhone 12 Pro Max Incipio Duo case offers 12-ft drop protection, which is huge. They use oversized raised edges around the bezel of the glass to keep the screen safe, not to mention tiny little rubber feet on the back to prevent your phone from sliding off surfaces like a table.

What We Like:

- Rugged design that's not too thick

- 12-ft drop protection

- Antimicrobial finish

- Works with MagSafe

What We Don't Like:

- Buttons are a little stiff

- Mute switch is hard to reach

Incipio is using a new "impact strut" and a dual-layer internal design for added rigidity, which is why this case is thin yet still tough. And finally, they claim the strong antimicrobial coating on the outside eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the case, which is essential these days. Buy it Now from Incipio.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

I've probably owned and used more Spigen cases than any other brand — and with good reason. They build excellent cases in several styles and colors to fit any user's needs. This year, though, we're liking the new Ultra Hybrid clear case. That way you can show off your fancy iPhone 12 Pro Max color choice, wireless charging still works, yet your phone stays protected.

What We Like:

- Not your typical cheap clear case

- Raised bezels protect the screen & cameras

- Tactile easy-to-press buttons

What We Don't Like:

- Large cutout near the Lightning port gathers dust

- Flush buttons are hard to find, at times

- Edges are a little sharp

While most clear cases are nothing more than a cheap, flexible TPU material, Spigen took things up a notch. They're using a double-layered TPU material on the sides, then a durable clear polycarbonate plastic for the back. This way it's a bit better than most clear cases, yet still affordable. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Apple Genuine Leather iPhone 12 Pro Max Case with MagSafe

Obviously, official cases from Apple look great, fit well, and always cost a bit more, but that's for a good reason this year. Apple's MagSafe cases and accessories have built-in magnets that align perfectly with iPhone 12 Pro Max, the case offers a magical attach and detach experience, every time. This is mainly for charging or accessories like the optional wallet, but it's nice to have.

What We Like:

- Premium specially tanned and finished leather

- Strengthened plastic bezels around the camera

- Fancy metal buttons that are easy to press

What We Don't Like:

- Leather sometimes smells

- Not the most protection on the front

- MagSafe accessories can leave indents and scratches in the leather

Apple offers several different colors, options, and accessories for these cases. We love the Saddle Brown and Baltic Blue leather, but choose whatever you fancy. Buy it Now on Amazon or from Apple.

tech21 Evo Slim Antimicrobial case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Another brand you might recognize from retail stores like Verizon or Best Buy is tech21. They offer some rugged cases intending to be slim and stylish. The new Evo Slim Antimicrobial cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max are a perfect example of that.

What We Like:

- Rugged design that's not too thick

- 8-ft drop protection

- Antimicrobial and non-slip finish

What We Don't Like:

- Expensive for a typical TPU case

- Buttons could be better

This case is your typical TPU case, but tech21 uses several layers to make it a little stronger than most. Plus, there are air-gaps in the corners to help with drop protection. Plus, tech21 adds antimicrobial properties to the entire case as it gets made, not to mention an extra outer biodefense layer on the back to prevent 99.9% of germs and virus buildup. Buy it Now on Amazon.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

At this point, do we even need to recommend OtterBox cases to anyone? They've been around forever, make some of the most robust and durable cases on the market, and I can almost guarantee everyone reading this knows someone that has an OtterBox case. Yeah, they're that good!

What We Like:

- Super tough design built to last

- Reinforced front, back, sides, and corners

- Silver-infused material to prevent bacteria build-up

What We Don't Like:

- Thicker than most on our list (isn't that the point)

- Sharp edges in the design

- Doesn't work with wireless charging

This OtterBox case probably should have topped our list, but it's also a design that's not for everyone. Perhaps the most popular OtterBox case is the Defender series, a model above this one, but it's a bit too much like holding a brick for me. Either way, if you're always on the go, letting kids use your phone, or want to stop worrying, get an OtterBox. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Silk Smartish iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case

Some people want a case with function and form, and if so, consider this awesome wallet case for your Pro Max. With this case, you can protect your phone, carry a few debit/ID cards, plus have cash with you at all times all in one package. That way you can grab your phone, keys, and head out for a night on the town.

What We Like:

- Slim featherlight design

- High-grip textured finish on the sides

- Debit cards remain securely inside the case

What We Don't Like:

- The wallet can be a bit thick for some

- Doesn't work with wireless or MagSafe chargers

- Buttons are a bit too flush

The Smartish wallet case has a unique design with a soft TPU material, air-cushion corner protection from drops or accidents, antimicrobial finish, and still manages to double as a wallet. My favorite part is the grippy texture on the sides of the case, almost like the grip of a pistol. And yes, it can hold three cards plus cash. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

Speck is another brand I continuously recommend to friends and family, simply because I know it'll get to job done and keep their phone safe. Speck's iconic Presidio Grip case got redesigned recently, which now features a 13-ft drop protection guarantee thanks to a new "armor cloud" design. Plus, it still has everything else we love about the Grip lineup.

What We Like:

- Protruding no-slip grips on the back

- Tactile, easy-to-press buttons

- 13-ft drop protection

What We Don't Like:

- The sides feel a bit bulky

- Mute slider is hard to reach

Speck uses a dual-layer design with a soft TPU inner shell and a hard polycarbonate plastic outside. That outer frame has a Microban antimicrobial coating yet still has a soft-touch finish that's comfortable to hold. We also really like the black-accented buttons that are easy to find and the raised edges around the screen or camera. Get this case in several different styles and finishes. Buy it Now from Speck.

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 12 Pro Max Kickstand Case

As we said earlier, Spigen makes several awesome cases that we can't recommend enough. The Spigen Tough Armor kinda combines everything we love about most cases into one design, then adds a kickstand to make your life even better. Here's why you'll want to consider this case.

What We Like:

- Durable dual-layer design

- Pop-out kickstand for hands-free viewing

- Reinforced corners and air-foam drop protection

What We Don't Like:

- A little on the thicker side

- Flush buttons are hard to find

- Kickstand could be a little bigger

Overall there's nothing major to dislike about this case. Those buying a "rugged iPhone 12 Pro Max case" want something thick, so that's just a nitpick at this point. With how heavy the 6.7-inch Pro Max is, you might pop the kickstand off. Don't worry though, as it snaps back in place in seconds. Buy it Now on Amazon.

UAG Shockproof iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Are you a man's man that loves the outdoors? If so, you'll probably love this Urban Armor Gear case. While UAG has several styles and like 10+ color options, we're big fans of this sleek military olive green case. People will love or hate the industrial design, and if you do, look at their "civilian style" as well.

What We Like:

- Featherlight yet tough dual-layer design

- Oversized and very tactile easy-to-press buttons

- Reinforced corners and raised edges around camera and screen

What We Don't Like:

- Fake screws can turn off some buyers

- The corners can be uncomfortable on the palms

- paracord lanyard anchor gets filled with dust or dirt

Overall UAG makes great cases. The featherlight TPU material on the inside absorbs most impacts from drops or accidents, and then they have a strong outer shell that's tougher than it looks. Some models even come with leather, metal, or carbon fiber for added durability and styling. UAG has some of the best buttons on any case I've used, for what it's worth. Buy it Now on Amazon.

MUJJO Full Leather Wallet Case

If you like the idea of Apple Magsafe Wallet but do not want to spend additional money on it, the MUJJO leather wallet case is a good alternative. The case includes a wallet that is capable of holding two to three cards.

What We Like:

- Soft leather

- Built-in card wallet

- Lightweight and slim

What We Don't Like:

- Lack of protection on the bottom

- Volume button is a bit hard to press

The craftsmanship is quite impressive and how the patina form on this case is plain beautiful. The slim profile and grip keeps the phone comfortable to hold. Buy it now on Amazon.

SUPCASE Unicorn Full-Body Protective Case

Last but not least is the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle case. These aren't quite as popular as they were a few years ago, but if you want the ultimate protection front to back, screen included, this is 100% the case for you. Those with a tough lifestyle should seriously consider something like this.

What We Like:

- Rugged full-body design

- Built-in screen protector

- Comes with a kickstand and belt holster

What We Don't Like:

- Rotating holster feels cheap

- Screen protector may mess with FaceID

- Not compatible with wireless or MagSafe charging

Obviously, when you buy a case like this you know what you're getting into. It's big, heavy, thick, and built like a tank. But if you're always on the go, work outdoors, or are constantly at a construction site, this might be exactly what you need. The case snaps together with several pieces, then there's a full-body front cover and built-in screen protector that snaps on last. This gives you complete protection when you need it most. Buy it Now on Amazon.

Choosing the best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for you

Finding the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case comes down to what's important to you, or what you need from a case. Considering most people just want to keep their phone safe, rugged options like the Spigen Tough Armor, OtterBox, or Incipio Duo are always a great place to start.

If the OtterBox is too expensive or a bit thicker than you'd like, there are several other options like the Urban Armor Gear that'll do the job too. Or, if you just want some sort of protection from the daily grind, choose an iPhone 12 Pro Max case that has the overall look, feel, and style you want and enjoy it.