Minecraft Live 2021 Mobs Vote: Copper Golem, Allay, And The Glare

The next Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote mob was revealed this morning. The Copper Golem appears to be not only a build-your-own sort of mob, but a package deal. With the Copper Golem, as Mojang describes it, the player will be responsible for crafting and potentially upkeep. Perhaps the best bit about this new mob is the fact that it'll be a 2-for-1 vote – if the Copper Golem is voted in, players will also get a new Copper Button.

As shown in the demonstration video below, the Copper Golem may appear in the game as an already-oxidized statue. To create a Copper Golem, the user must collect a certain amount of copper (and likely other elements), and head to a crafting table. Once crafted, the Copper Golem has a mind of its own.

There's an element of surprise in the Copper Golem as it "enjoys randomly pushing copper buttons." As such, you may want to construct a redstone-filled masterpiece activated by copper buttons, and set a Copper Golem loose!

The only bummer about the Copper Golem is the "oxidizes over time" bit. Unless you're excited about creating randomly-placed Golem statues – that could also be a pretty awesome feature, come to think of it.

Above you'll see the mob called Allay! If you give this mob a "collectible" item, it'll so search for more of the same item in your world. It'll bring back "matching items or more of the same!"

Finally, there's the first mob revealed: the Glare. The Glare assists in locating areas that are dark enough that a malicious mob could spawn. Also quite helpful!

The Copper Golem, the Glare, and Allay will be the three mobs that'll be available to vote on during this year's Minecraft Live event. Minecraft Live 2021 starts on October 16 at noon EDT – that's 11AM Central Time, 9AM Pacific.