Must-Know Facts About Pokemon GO's Furfrou And All Its Forms

Furfrou is not the most common Pokemon in the world. It's not particularly rare, either — instead, Furfrou is a sort of tool that Niantic uses to celebrate certain events. It was launched during Paris Fashion Week 2021, where its stand-out feature as a Form-changing Pokemon was given the chance to shine. 

At launch, Furfrou was available as a once-per-day Photobomb. It was also the encounter reward in a couple of quests. Fast forward to now, and Furfrou is a wild-spawning Pokemon that can be found all around the world. This Pokemon is currently unique in that it is both available worldwide and has a set of forms that are regionally exclusive. 

Furfrou cannot currently evolve, and it's unlikely there'll ever be a Pokemon that evolves to or from Furfrou. Instead, Furfrou acts as the original best example of a Pokemon that has the ability to use Form Change to change its appearance. Much like each fancy dress or costume Pokemon, each different Form Change iteration of Furfrou keeps the same moveset and powers of the original.

Furfrou (676) Kalos

Furfrou was released in Pokemon GO on September 21, 2021. This Pokemon has more than 10 iterations: Natural Form, 9 different Trim forms, and shiny versions of both the Natural Form and each of the 9 Trim forms. Furfrou makes use of the "Form Change" system in a rather straightforward way, with haircuts. Each of the different forms of Furfrou is given a name followed by the word Trim, indicating a specific haircut and styling.

Eight of these forms were made available at the launch of this Pokemon, and Furfrou's Heart Trim was made available (for a limited time) during the game's Valentine's Day 2022 event. Much like we see similar themes ring in each year at holiday events like this, it's highly likely we'll see the Heart Trim appear in mid-February for the foreseeable future. 

At the launch of this Pokemon, Furfrou was not available as a Shiny Pokemon. All of the graphics for the Shiny version of Furfrou were in the game files from the get-go, but they remained inactive for approximately one year after the standard versions were revealed.

Shiny Furfrou appeared for the first time at Fashion Week 2022, in September. That's Paris Fashion Week, mind you — that's where Furfrou first debuted in 2021, and that's the one where we'll be expecting major updates to Furfrou each year for the foreseeable future, too.

Furfrou Forms and regional exclusives

The 8 different trims for Furfrou available in Pokemon GO now include a light purple Matron, green Dandy, yellow Debutante, orange Diamond, light blue Star, blue La Reine, red Kabuki, dark blue Pharoah, and pink Heart trim.

Matron and Dandy trim (purple or green) are available around the world right now. If you have 25 Furfrou candy and 10,000 stardust, you can change a Furfrou's form to Matron or Dandy trim anywhere in the world. These cuts are not region-specific.

If you live in The Americas, you'll also have the option to choose a Debutante Trim (yellow). The Diamond Trim (orange) is available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. If you're looking for the Star trim, you'll need to be in the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

It's likely the rarest cuts are the three relegated to specific countries: France, Japan, and Egypt. If you're in France, you'll get the La Reine trim (blue), Japan gets the Kabuki trim (red), and Egypt gets the Pharoah trim (dark blue).

None of these Form Changes do anything to the move sets available to Furfrou. They don't at launch, that is to say. There may be a point in the future when Furfrou's moves can change based on appearance, but for now and through the foreseeable future, they'll remain independent of one another.

Best Furfrou moves

If you're looking for the ultimate one-two, best moveset for Furfrou, stick with Sucker Punch (fast) and Grass Knot (charged). That's the best set for offense. If you're looking to make a defender out of Furfrou, go for Take Down (fast) and Grass Knot (charged). You could also consider Dark Pulse (charged) for defense or Surf (charged) for offense. The Fast Move Bite is also decent when paired with Grass Knot for offense.

Furfrou doesn't really get super massively powerful, in any case. This Pokemon's maximum HP is 154 at level 40. The highest CP this Pokemon is capable of is 2,111, also at level 40 — with a max wild level of 1,810. So go for it if you're all about that aesthetic, but this is far from the best fighter in the game. This is a true trophy Pokemon — made to show off to friends or plant in Pokemon Gyms for aesthetic glory.

How to find and catch Furfrou

Furfrou is active all year long in all regions in Pokemon GO. At the moment, it's really all about luck when it comes to finding this Pokemon in the wild. Furfrou isn't particularly rare, and if you see one in the wild, your chances of capture are extremely good.

Furfrou can technically spawn in the wild right now, as it does have a base capture rate of 0.2, according to the game's code. This indicates a 20% chance of success, which means that you have a 1/5 chance of capturing Furfrou every time you hit it with a Pokeball. For Furfrou to have absolutely no chance of being found in the wild the game's code would show no capture rate whatsoever. 

The inclusion of a capture rate does not guarantee that the Pokemon will spawn at any significant rate, but the absence of a capture rate does guarantee that a Pokemon will never spawn in the wild. For your next chance at seeing Furfrou appear in raid battles and as a reward in research tasks, you'll more than likely need to wait for the next Valentine's Day and/or Paris Fashion Week.