Fisker Opens Reservations For The Pear All-Electric Crossover SUV

Fisker's first all-electric SUV, the Ocean, won't arrive at owner garages until November 2022, but Fisker has already opened reservations for its second attempt at electrification: the Pear. The specific details remain sketchy at this point, and the automaker has only released a single teaser image of its newest electric crossover. What's certain is the Pear will enter production in late 2023 and go on sale in 2024.

It's quite a wait, yes, but it could all be worth it considering Fisker promises base prices to start at $29,900. The Pear (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) is a compact SUV with seating for five adults, so its sub-$30k base price is certainly appealing.

The ambitious pricing may sound too good to be accurate, but think about this: If Fisker can offer a starting base price of $37,499 (before federal incentives) for the Ocean Sport with a single front-mounted electric motor, 275 horsepower, and a sustainable interior, there's no reason for Fisker to renege on the promise of an affordable EV with "intuitive controls, sporty driving, clever storage, and a focus on industry firsts," said the automaker.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Pear will enter production in Ohio, USA? Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr will handle Ocean production in Europe, but Pear will enter production in Lordstown, Ohio, courtesy of Foxconn. It's important to point out that Foxconn purchased the Lordstown assembly plant from General Motors in fall 2021, and it's the same place where Foxconn is building the Lordstown Endurance all-electric pickup truck.

But then again, Fisker has yet to confirm if Foxconn will construct Pear in the same factory, so maybe we're talking about two different agendas. Nevertheless, Fisker promises the first Pear deliveries to arrive by 2024, and interested buyers can place their reservations (and a $250 deposit) at Fisker's official webpage.

As usual, we'll update this page once Fisker reveals the technical specs, range figures, and trim variants of its newest all-electric crossover.