Nintendo, You Cowards, Make This Valentine's Joke Real

It's Valentine's Day, which means that happy and unhappy couples alike are preparing to descend on the worldwide restaurant industry in considerable force. It's a day of romance, commitment, Hallmark cards, and most perhaps important of all: chocolate. While a number of brands are no doubt eager to get in on the lovey-dovey action and pitch their products to the doting couples of the world as must-have Valentine's Day gifts, Nintendo, at least, seems to have its priorities straight.

The company isn't trying to position the Switch as the perfect gaming companion to a Valentine's Day evening or anything like that, but rather it's posted some pictures of some delicious looking Nintendo Switch chocolates. Based on the design of its Joy-Con controllers, these chocolates look like Kit Kats taken to a whole new level, but unfortunately for the chocolate-lovers of the world, this story does not have a sweet and tasty ending.

And now for the bad news...

While Nintendo's Joy-Con chocolates, shared today on Twitter, look absolutely delicious, they sadly do not exist. Yes, the white and milk chocolate treats were made specifically for this social media post and will not, unfortunately, be up for sale.

"Hope your day is as sweet as these! Happy #ValentinesDay," Nintendo of America tweeted. So far so good, but then the company adds, "Please note that this is a fictional product and is not available for sale." So much for letting us down gently, Nintendo.

Tasty looking fake chocolate

It doesn't help that the chocolate treats in the image look particularly delicious. Whoever was tasked with coming up with these really knocked it out of the park, because they look great. In truth, they probably aren't made of real chocolate but rather something that would better hold up in human hands under studio lights for a photo shoot. Whether they're made of real chocolate or something else, they still look super yummy.

Then again, Nintendo does like to charge a premium for many of its products, so perhaps it's a good thing that these chocolates aren't real. Still, Nintendo is certainly breaking a few hearts by showing off this tasty looking Valentine's teaser only to tell us that they aren't a real product. Oh well, as Valentine's Day undoubtedly reminds many of us year-in and year-out: You can't always get what you want.