72LEX9 LG’s Largest Commercial 3D LCD TV

Stephanie Scala - Oct 13, 2010, 4:27pm CDT
72LEX9 LG’s Largest Commercial 3D LCD TV

Are you ready for Monday Night Football? You may not be if you don’t have LG’s 72LEX9, its newest and largest commercial 3D LCD TV. It’s a king-sized masterpiece (72 representing the TV’s size in inches). Don’t worry if you’re wondering why you don’t know where to get your hands on this TV, it’s not out in the U.S. yet. But the 72LEX9 would definitely be a crowd pleaser for Sunday or Monday night games.

Not to get your hopes up, but other than giving you some of the specs this TV has to offer, there are no confirmed reports out there as to how much it will cost and how soon (if ever) it will land in the U.S. But if it does, the 72LEX9 features a full LED Backlight, a 480Hz True-Motion panel, DLNA support and Web TV features. Hopefully this amazon of a television will make its way across the big blue ocean and grace us with its presence before the end of the year.

[via akihabaranews]

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