60 Minutes Steve Jobs biographer interview released [Video]

CBS has released the full 60 Minutes interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, featuring excerpts from the book released today, along with recorded content from sessions with Jobs that have never before been heard. In the video – which you can find after the cut – Isaacson describes Jobs warts and all: "He's not warm and fuzzy" the writer observes, but was a man who, in his own words, wanted to "be with people who demand perfection."

The interview covers everything from Jobs' childhood and how he dealt with news that he was adopted, his job at Atari – and his questionable personal hygiene – and through to the formative days of Apple, setting up the company with Steve Wozniak. " He could drive himself by magical thinking" Isaacson observes. "By believing something that the rest of us couldn't possibly believe, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't."

Jobs' life included notable examples of both extremes. He was well known for demanding excellence from Apple staff while CEO at the company, an approach which Isaacson describes as having "made great products, but it didn't make for a great management style"; on the flip side, Jobs delayed surgery on the cancer that went on to end his life by nine months, believing that holistic therapies would save him.

The clips are well worth watching, though of course they're also promoting the Jobs' biography, which goes on sale today; we've featured more excerpts from the book in the past week. This weekend, Apple shared footage of its "Celebrating Steve" memorial service, held at Cupertino last Wednesday.


[via MacRumors]