60+ iOS apps sold per device as Apple locks-in users

We all know that there is an app for everything on the iPhone and other iOS devices. Whether you want games or productivity tools or something in between you can probably find an app for your need on the App Store. Asymco has revealed some details on the app store after the announcement last week by Apple that the App Store was about to hit 10 billion downloads.

According to Asymco when you look at the numbers the 10 billion mark works out to over 60 apps downloaded per iOS device sold. The company also predicts that within a few months the downloading of apps will overtake the downloading of music on iOS devices. It took apps about half the time to hit the 10 billion download mark that it took for songs to reach that point.

One very interesting fact is that apps are being downloaded at the tune of over 30 million per day. The one thing that really stands out from the Asymco report is that the huge number of downloads that iOS device users have is going to effectively lock the user to the Apple device since the user will have a high monetary investment in apps. That is assuming their apps will still transfer over at the first sync to a new iOS device.