5 Nintendo lines of hardware support being dropped

Is it to push the Wii Virtual Console? Maybe, maybe its because even Nintendo is having problems finding parts.

Regardless, the Famicom (NES), Super Famicom (SNES), N64, GB, and GB Pocket lines are all no longer going to be repaired pretty soon. Man, those were the good ole days, I never got into handheld gaming with any of the game boys, but I spent countless hours on the rest of those systems.

I still have an N64, and all I have to say is, Golden Eye FTW! Just remember though, you can still get some of the games on your Wii through the virtual console, sure you will have to pay for them again, and the lists aren't quite as long as the actual libraries, but oh well.

Nintendo of Japan dropping Hardware support for the Famicom [via arcade-renaissance]