5 key facts about Tesla's Model X

Today we're bringing you a bit of a run-down on some of the most noteworthy facts about the Tesla Model X. This is the vehicle the electric car company unveiled in full last night, and the car that Tesla delivered to the first five earliest preorder customers last night as well. This vehicle is fast, it has far smarter doors than a DeLorean, it's safe to drive, there aren't many of them on the road right now, and if you want one, it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

The following is a set of facts you'll want to remember if you're ever in a conversation where you need the essentials on Tesla's Model X. This vehicle is currently delivering – ready to drive, on the road. You don't want to be caught with your facts down.

1. It's fast - sports car fast

The Model X can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2-seconds thanks to its tried-and-true electric power train. You'll also have a top speed of 155 miles per hour in this electric vehicle, and with a floor-mounted battery you'll have "ideal weight distribution", according to Tesla, and a low center of gravity for top-quality handling and performance.

And because you're rolling electric, you're blasting forth with zero emissions.

2. Those Falcon Wing doors are smarter than a DeLorean

The most well-known set of gull-wing doors undoubtedly belongs to the DeLorean (think Back to the Future). They might be iconic, but they're not especially space-friendly. The Tesla Model X uses "Falcon Wing" doors, with an extra hinge to allow you to open them up without smashing in to the vehicle to your left or right.

Above you'll see a demonstration of the Falcon Wing doors by Elon Musk at the Tesla Model X event last night.

3. Tesla is playing up Model X safety

The Tesla Model X has earned a 5 star NHTSA rating – Tesla's crash tests indicate that the Model X will receive 5 star safety ratings "in all categories" as well. This will make the Model X the first SUV to receive 5 star ratings in all categories – ever.

Tesla accomplishes this with aluminum pillars and steel rails around passengers and the battery. The battery sits on the floor of the vehicle, giving the Model X a low center of gravity, "reducing the risk of rollover common in most SUVs."

The Model X does not have the same massive engine up front like most vehicles do, giving the SUV a large "crumple zone" where much of the impact of a crash can be absorbed.

The Model X works with 360-degree sonar sensors as well as forward looking camera and radar. All of these bits and pieces enable autopilot features like Autosteer and Autopark for the vehicle – and the whole lot is constantly being improved with over-the-air software updates.

4. It'll cost you at least $132,000

The initial Signature Edition of the Tesla Model X will run you $133,200 and up – that's for the P90D version of the vehicle. An upgrade with the "Ludicrous" speed feature will cost you $10,000 USD more. There'll also be a 90D version of the vehicle that'll cost less, eventually, but Tesla hasn't yet let that price be known to the public.

See our feature article Don't knock Tesla for its eye-watering Model X price for more information.

5. For a car that's delivering, there aren't many of them out there

Just five vehicles were delivered to the first pre-order customers last night. The bulk of the deliveries of vehicles will stretch out over next year. Tesla doesn't send out thousands of vehicles all at once, like some of the older car companies do – they deliver at a slightly different pace. Don't expect to see a Model X at every corner this holiday season.

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