5 DLC Packs for Guitar Hero III this month

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 6, 2008

With all of the DLC that is released for Rock Band every week, people are really starting to wonder where all the tracks for Guitar Hero III are. Well don’t worry, while they aren’t nearly as numerous as the competition, Activision does have five track packs which will be up for download this month.

The first two track packs are the Motorhead Track Pack and Isle of Wight. No, Isle of Wight isn’t some strange band you’ve never heard of, but rather a rock festival that happened back in 2007. The available tracks are listed below along with the date released.

(June 5) Motörhead Track Pack

  • “(We Are) The Road Crew”
  • “Stay Clean”
  • “Motörhead”

(June 12) Isle of Wight Track Pack

  • Kasabian “Shoot the Runner”
  • Kaiser Chiefs “I Predict a Riot”
  • The Sex Pistols “Problems”

The Motorhead pack will set you back $6.25, however, we’re not entirely sure how much the other will run. There will also be three other track packs released this month, we’ll keep you posted as we receive the info.

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