4th of July gaming: Transformers MMO goes Open Beta

Starting tomorrow, Transformers Universe will go from Closed to Open Beta for the whole world. Users like yourself will be able to head to the Transformers Universe webpage, sign up, and jump in within the day. What's excellent about this game beyond the fact that you can transform into a vehicle to travel from place to place is that this game works for both Windows PC and Mac!

Yes, you, Mac user. You too can join in on Transformers Universe homepage if you do so choose. This Open Beta begins at midnight, Pacific Time, we must expect, and there'll be a 24-hour live Twitch stream to join it. This Live Twitch stream will be held by the folks at Jagex, developers of the game, 3pm GMT 5th July – 3pm GMT 6th July, complete with prizes and whatnot.

Watch live video from TransformersUniverse on TwitchTV

Above you'll find a previously broadcast video of the game by the creators of the game through the same portal that the 24-hour broadcast will be taking place. If you're keen to join in on the fun with the whole world watching, attempt to jump in with the same matches these folks are playing – they'll find you and crush you too!

This game can be installed on your computer or played inside your web browser. It's strange like that! Let us know if you're jumping in and we'll hunt you down when we get the chance!