4th Amendment Wear For Your TSA Protesting Family

So you plan on traveling for the holidays, yes? And you're feeling kind of political, and want to get a jab in at TSA and their new screening process, perhaps? Well then, designers Tim Geoghegan and Matthew Ryan have just the set of clothing your you! And not only you, your whole family, with t-shirts, underwear (men's and women's), and kids clothing. What does it consist of, you might ask? Why, the fourth amendment printed in metallic ink, of course! And you know what metallic ink does when you pass through a TSA scanner, right?

It shows up! As seen in the image above, your scanning personnel will be grabbing giggles (or maybe given cause to search you further) when you pass through their magical radiation machine. Get some "4th Amendment Wear" for the whole crew! And remember your rights.

[Via 4th Amendment Wear]