450K Android apps now on the Android Market

Google has its Android booth set up at Mobile World Congress and has offered up a few new interesting details on Android to coincide with the show. Google says that last year during MWC the Android Market had 150,000 apps. As of today, approximately a year later, the Android Market has 450,000 apps with over 1 billion app downloads happening each month.

Google also reports the year over year growth rate for Android has been 250% with 850,000 new devices activated each day. Google reports there are now more than 300 million Android devices around the world. Google is also talking about the "App Pods" that it has set up at its booth on the MWC show floor. These pods are allowing people to try out the new features and Android innovations such as Android Beam.

That is an interesting feature that lets people share all kinds of content, including web pages, videos, directions, and apps by touching together two Android devices back-to-back. Google reports 800 devices have launched running Android to date. Google also has something it calls Bling Bot running the Android ADK that will bedazzle the Galaxy Nexus backplate in its booth.