4,400 Chevrolet Volt owners may get free home charging stations

Electric vehicles are going more mainstream all the time. As new breakthroughs in battery technology and electric vehicle drivetrains are made, the EV gets more driving range and faster charging all the time. One of the more anticipated electric vehicles (or extended range electric vehicle in GM speak) is the Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt is set to go on sale in the US and Chevy has announced that 4,400 Volt owners will be eligible to get a free home charging station. Why do you need the home charging station you ask? Well most homes only have 120V outlet in the garage, which will charge the Volt.

However, charging can be done much faster with a 240V source and these home chargers will add that needed 240V source. The chargers will be from ECOtality or Coulomb Technologies. In many cases, GM says that the cost of installation in the home will also be covered. The chargers and installs are being funded through grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.