40Gbps Internet connection used to dry laundry – grandma’s got a new bag

James Allan Brady - Mar 31, 2008, 10:49am CDT

Last year Sigbritt Löthberg was connected to the internet with a 40Gbps line, at the age of 75. Her son, some sort of Internet expert (Read: Cisco Executive Peter Löthberg) , was the one that decided she needed the world’s fastest internet connection, at the time.

Now the company that provides her the connection, Karlstad Stadsnät, says that she mostly uses it to dry her laundry. God forbid that in Sweden, the home of the Pirate Bay, she’d try timing an HD movie download, or maybe try downloading a ton of music and seeing how long it goes, no, let’s hang our laundry on it.

Worse yet is that according to Hafsteinn Jonsson, a spokesman for the ISP, they are going to upgrade her to 100Gbps over the summer. With that fast of an internet connection any halfway intelligent person would start their own little ISP and capitalize, not drape their laundry on the DTE equipment just because it gets warm.

[via PCPro]
[Picture Credit: 2dayblog]

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